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Space Soldiers vs Russia
hahaha n1
SpaceSoldiers Tier 3/4
A bit lower from Tier 2 because of ngin.But can capable to compete best of 3 against tier 2 teams.Still better than Virtus Por and AGO.
Ping is realy that important?
I'm living at Sivas and have 50-70 ms ping.If i was at Istanbul it would be 35 ms.Teleporting guys are doesint have fiber conneciton and have packet loss.
Ping is realy that important?
I have 35 mbit fiber connection and has mostly 56-64ms ping to Vienna with %0 loss.But yes i'm expert at CS GO.
Ping is realy that important?
High ping has peeker advantage but holding angles disadvantage..So who has high ping must play faster more peeking etc.Peekers advantage doesnt means you cant be killed.You must not miss shots.If you ...
coldzera overrated
He is the new generation of Get_Right.If his team pisses of he will look alike todays' GTR.
1v4 and win the game
Nice brains.Which brand is it?
New OpTic
-allu +TaZ
Zowie EC2-A Alternative ?
Thank you guys.Are you sure must i give a chance to EC2B? Has scrolling or double clicking issues solved with tihs mouse?
Dating a girl older than you?
Date only.
TAZ accuses XANTARES of cheating
Lul.We must know Xantares connection status.There may be high ping or instant loss.You must watch peekers advantage videos at youtube. Cheating on an FPL match laughed so hard even tough he has 14-13...
-karrigan +s1imple =ez top 20
HellRaisers vs Natus Vincere
ez for woxic
Despe esl ban
Unexpected you must admit it guys.
NA fix = Dazed-Skadoodle-steel-swag-AZK