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smooya serious opinions thread
I've played aginst smooya and epsilon, I didnt find them any "hard" like, we still got our as beaten, but we could "easily" put up a better fight. He's a fine player. I don't see why he should leave e...
North fix
Give mertz some time
A better NiP
I did miss #3
A better NiP
I kinda wanna see -gtr(I guess get rekt = gtr) +xizt. I do see xizt as a better fragger tbh ^^ But else, nice lineup
Nicest Pro
Waste of time. Like, its not like its wasting, if you go do smth else. But again. I didnt afk my hours, maybe 100 of them is afk ^^
Nicest Pro
MEh, don't go for hours. :) - Many people are just opening the game, and does smth irl :P But yeah I've played a lot.
Nicest Pro
He's name on steam atm is "K.Neppet".
Nicest Pro
Can't remember if its on friends only tho http://steamcommunity.com/id/WeiZ1337/
Nicest Pro
Nicest Pro
I can tell dupreeh is really down to earth. I got invited by one my friends to a matchmaking game back in the end of 2013/start of 2014, where I got to play with him.(I was a huge dignitas fan back t...
Hm. I can't remember how old stavn is, but I think at least around 2019 would be his breakthrough :D
I feel like he's the same as Frozen, those two are pretty good, and can do some real damage at some international teams at tier2.
I cannot wait to see stavn on a better team tbh. He's also pretty talented, but his age is holding him back I guess. :S
how many times per week are you drunk?
When I was in italy you could get 10 shots for 12 euro, Dunno What Kind I just drink it xd
I found a black cs go pro
He's still Black? :D