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denmark most toxic country
All countries has idiots lol. Should I make a topic everytime I meet some german who's crying cuz we lost gun round? No.
Pansy where?
Does it look like I give a flying fuck about my English? Im not really suppose to use it for anything, beside talking with idiots like you who cares about how you put up sentences. Tell me when you kn...
Pansy where?
She's started to casting pubg instead of csgo.
ct side help
Have you been watching your own vods/Demo's etc? Where do you find yourself struggeling? Can't kill? If thats so you might play "your" ct side wrong. Trying to change stuff up? Etc, if you struggle g...
r8 girl
I do cum in my pants, but not because of her...
faceit level - matchmaking rank
I know plenty of globals who barely do success in around rank 3. :D
Dreamhack qualifier, help :D
Im quite sure its bo3 all day and ends today
kings of positions
Where is electronic NAVI???
Assasin XD
Best Looking CS:GO Pro?
Dignitas Roster Changes
That's not what I've been told from the players. But cool =D
Me no understand single word. :(( - But yeah I can hear pasha speaking Englando in the bagground lol wtf
Dupreeh two faced?
You're right. And I should've known that before I went into a chubby girl..
Dupreeh two faced?
I just watched the whole video she put up. She's insane. Really insane.
Best Looking CS:GO Pro?
I don't think there is any ex-pro girl gamers since that's being a pro for them is still such a new thing. Compared to we had Nip in 2012/2013