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FaZe kennyS ?
It’s also hard to say which teams is tier 1, 2, 3 :)
oldest meme of csgo?
Isn't "JOELZ SKYPE" older? Olofmeisters was in the end 2014. :D
Which player do you call "onliner" most?
Shouldn’t they be “Good” online to be Called “Onliners”?
Why Astralis won the major
Who Astralis? Nah they didn’t practice as much as they used to back in 2018. That’s Why they lost form.
Why so Toxic to Liquid mens))))))))))))))
Every team has a toxic fanbase. Which is annoying. It doesn’t matter who’s Top1, or whos’ winning. There Will always be toxic people :)
Why Astralis won the major
I’m gonna correct you on that. That’s a Big lie. The reason they lose form isnt Cuz of no tournaments/events. It’s Because they don’t play. Which is their own faults.
The Boys - Amazon
I loved it!
s1mple is stupid (proof)
No need Cuz I Said it. So it Will happen.
s1mple is stupid (proof)
Okay. I said navi will buy astralis, and astralis will buy ence. Ence will stand without a team, and leave the CS scene forever.
s1mple is stupid (proof)
U do know s1mple isn’t gonna be igl right?
shox or kioshima
Well yeah. But somehow they have to change their system aswell. If thats the case sure shox ain’t bad at all. But if they just wants someone to “replace” nbk. Then kio is a better choice. Anyhow all c...
shox or kioshima
There is more into roles than that. Position, ultilize teammates etc. Where I still see kio being stronger. Also Anchor player.
shox or kioshima
Ofc they shouldn't rely on one person. I stil think Kio can frag as much as shox, if we say he should just "replace" NBK in roles, and stuff. Also they should've Apex to help out with the fragging =D
shox or kioshima
Shox brings firepower, and lurk, which I don't see they need? I can be wrong tho.
shox or kioshima
Its hard to compare when they dont play the same roles.