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That's actually quite accurate. If you remove VP and put Gambit in 4th that does look nice. They lost at both Austin and Starladder to the winner and then they won this time even tho they lost once t...
Barca 5-0 PSG
And in that case they'd need to score 6 ... Pretty unlikely but football can be crazy ^^
NiKo expose MSL
more like 99.9 % .... This pic is nothing really, he's just bitching about anything
and the he lost the next round that was almost won .... He wouldn't have to save his team if they were actually playing 5v5
2024 Olympics
Well they are not actually muslims since what they follow is complete BS and have no clue about any real religion.
"CSGO News" What's the Problem?
He's doing a bad job at it that's all News are news ! Shouldn't be biased opinion or random reddit threads and speculations. It seems like 1/2 videos contain baitclic theories ... It's a shame becau...
france football = qatar handball team?
i don't mind, i just want the better team to play for my country, that's it :)
france football = qatar handball team?
That's your problem tho They're all french i make no difference, only retards or racists do
Portugal HATE
I'm not saying that they played horribly bad They probably played better than France (as France was expected to do better). What i meant is that they qualified with 3 ties in groups and then won the ...
Portugal HATE
It's because it's actually amazing how a team can manage to not win a single game in regular time and get to quarters
Team Ranking: March 2016 Update (Immortals #3, NiP falls)
Scale doesn't go far enough, can't find him as it is ...
Chokestralis has return
Yeah it really is. They were holding easy angles but i don't know. i think there is a real mental problem behind all this, it's not a skill related issue
Chokestralis has return
I don't understand They are crushing them with M4 and then for some reason Karrigan and Dev1ce decide to AWP and whiff every shot and play each round 4v5 ....
Group B OMG
The groups at MLG were fine. Do you agree of the fact that it's a joke that there is a group with Astralis/CLG/Dignitas/Gambit and that one of these teams will have an easy access to the legend status...
Group B OMG
No i didn't. I'm taking this major's group as an exemple. I listed a group where a T2/T3 team will have a free legend spot for the next major. If you can't understand that, i think you know who's ret...