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hi =))
I'm currently playing under eSpuma.ACD with the following line-up.
- jac0b, Ahw, Gran, fuzion & Kjaerbye

Lans attended:

Lindvedlan - 2012
Place: 5-8th in A

HKLAN #6 - 2013
Place: 17-24th in A

Copenhagen Games - 2013
Place: 9-12th in B

TheBlast #5 - 2013
Place: 13-16th in A

CG-LAN #1 - 2014
Place: 1st in A
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Best EU City?
I am sad to hear his. Go to more school and learn some history and culture, maybe it will help u in the future
CL Semis
real win v atletico and juventus with the win against monaco, Buffon truly deserve a cl title, altough as a true madridista I have to go with Real.
tsk tsk
There is a many things in Sweden who might not get enough attention according to la america, but the swedes thinks one step ahead of the bigger populated nation america. The way of mind about the inne...
Hey americans i understand youu but yee got it completely wrong u see the swedish people may be a little strange but still is one of THE top european countries in a lot of areas and everybody who disc...
Best CS IGLs/Leaders of All-Time
poland is considered eastern by the west
LDLC vs G2
that doesnt make any sense?
LDLC vs G2
well you need atleast 3 NA guys to have a NA flag :)
16 yrs old and never had a bf
lots of people are single and enjoy single life in 16-17-18-19, don't think about it
Going to Paris
Cool will remember the name
Pronax: "Pure yoy" why cant he pronounce joy correctly? Is it a gene that swedish people are lacking or? Not b
I 100% agree danish language sounds like shit coming out of a 80 year olds vagina but that hasn't anything to do with a country and it's values.
Going to Paris
ty for concern
Going to Paris
Wow thanks for that info! I have looked up all the things and I have noted alot of the names with your description! Thank you! What is your take on a place Belleville?
Going to Paris
Then tell me about the ''more'' :) Would love to go to a place like Bourgogne or perhaps cities like Dijon, Bordeaux
Pronax: "Pure yoy" why cant he pronounce joy correctly? Is it a gene that swedish people are lacking or? Not b
that must be norwegian perhaps every dane says ''joy'' you're destroying the traditions and history of Skåne and Scandinavia with your refugees, I actually feel really sorry for you Sweden. Look wh...