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I'll just say NIP and Astralis eras are/were best. Nip was totally dominant, but it was at an early stage of the game. That doesn't take anything away from them though. Astralis has had a totally fan...
S1mple/dev1ce top 1 strawpoll
Obviously s1mple is the better player carrying his team. But the prize isn't only about skill but also achievements. Device claiming that many MVPs in Astralis when Astralis is without the doubt numbe...
Mouse for 60€ max
No matter what you think of the brand Razer in general. But Deathadder is a good mouse, why would you not recommend it? I used Deathadder 2013 for few years and I have no complaints. Now using a Zowie...
Pokémon Go
Level 39. Hade a break for 1,5 years, but was already level 36 at that time.
s1mple cheating?
Why isn't people discussing Karrigans timing of pushing right when S1mple is turning away then. "in the right timing..."
Question for all religions
I see. That's not how I would define a god, but I understand the context then. Thank you for explaining.
Question for all religions
'if you remove god then you would have to be god yourself'. If you reject the concept of god/s completely, then why is it used in a meaning like this? Can you explain please? Genuinely interested.
twitch chat ruins cs
Just hide the chat dude. I always do.
Top 20 players so far
Ronaldo GOAT
That's interesting and you have the right to your opinion obviously. He is super professional, absoIutely, but I don't see the great person you do in Ronaldo, but there has been a lot of PR around his...
Ronaldo GOAT
If we are talking about this season then 7 players made more goals than Ronaldo in the League (Golden ball). He didn't leave any mark in CDR but he scored 15 goals in Champions league, 5 above anyone ...
Ronaldo GOAT
When Ronaldo doesn't score in a game, he's the worst player on the pitch. A player like that just can't be the best in the world.
R8 your country's WC peformance so far
10/10 to win the group with Germany and Mexico in it. Even advancing is great, to win the group is fantastic.