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Serbia The World Championships 2016 - Belgrade, Serbia
Romania EU Minor: PGL Krakow Major - Bucharest, Romania
Sweden DreamHack Open Winter - Jönköping, Sweden
United States ELEAGUE Season 2 Playoffs - Atlanta, Georgia
United States ECS Season 2 Finals - Anaheim, California
United States ELEAGUE Major Qualifier - Atlanta, Georgia

Ukraine SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 - Kiev, Ukraine
Australia IEM Sydney 2017 - Sydney, Australia
Sweden DreamHack Open Summer - Jönköping, Sweden
United Kingdom ECS Season 3 Finals - London, UK
Germany ESL One Cologne 2017 - Cologne, Germany
Poland PGL Krakow Major - Krakow, Poland
Sweden DreamHack Masters Malmö - Malmö, Sweden
United States ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier Playoffs - Atlanta, Georgia
Romania EU Minor: ELEAGUE 2018 Major - Bucharest, Romania
Spain WESG EU&CIS Regional FInals - Barcelona, Spain
Denmark ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals - Odense, Denmark
Mexico ECS Season 4 Finals - Cancun, Mexico

Ukraine StarSeries i-League Season 4 - Kiev, Ukraine
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forklift = tractor
Thanks for the clarification, makes sense!
Andorra Flag
This often happens when you zoom in/scale the website in the browser
HLTV writer/interviewer, AMA
I think I answered the majority of the questions so I'll be ending the AMA now. One last short flight to get home and then gonna shower and chill out, finally. Thanks for all the questions and I hope ...
HLTV writer/interviewer, AMA
You can access HLTV, but can't open any of the big sites such as twitch, twitter, facebook, reddit without a VPN. And vpns work like shit a lot of the times, especially if the internet is bad So it's...
HLTV writer/interviewer, AMA
I absolutely am, no doubt about it
HLTV writer/interviewer, AMA
+1, Lucas is love, Lucas is life
HLTV writer/interviewer, AMA
I like traveling when there are not too many tournaments stacked in a short period time, that's when it gets tasking. Long distance tbh isn't that big of a problem for me, I load up some movies, good ...
HLTV writer/interviewer, AMA
Getting the job - replied earlier Is the salary good enough - I would say yes
HLTV writer/interviewer, AMA
Nomad doesn't pay the salaries, Martin does (I know, crazy, who would put him in charge of money) so you are wrong from the start
HLTV writer/interviewer, AMA
Pro I enjoy interviewing the most: karrigan Easy to talk to, always has something to say, really makes it easy. Favorite interview is very hard since I did so many already. I was proud of the one wit...
HLTV writer/interviewer, AMA
Genetics (also the shampoo is from Selective, some strengthening shit so I don't go bald soon LMAO)
HLTV writer/interviewer, AMA
Nope, the media hotel was fine ^^ s1mple... I don't have any real conclusive info on that so I wouldn't want to speculate :<
HLTV writer/interviewer, AMA
Very underwhelming, I must say. Anyway, I think it is pretty obvious that brcho would be a sick player if he didn't have to travel for HLTV all the time. You don't see players having that laser-preci...
HLTV writer/interviewer, AMA
Favorite players to watch: rain and snax (not in current form, though) Favorite teams to watch: At the moment, probably FaZe and mouz since they have been having crazy grand final matches for the last...
HLTV writer/interviewer, AMA
The tournaments and organizations (teams) are raising the bar while the players are shitting the bed :(