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Serbia The World Championships 2016 - Belgrade, Serbia
Romania EU Minor: PGL Krakow Major - Bucharest, Romania
Sweden DreamHack Open Winter - Jönköping, Sweden
United States ELEAGUE Season 2 Playoffs - Atlanta, Georgia
United States ECS Season 2 Finals - Anaheim, California
United States ELEAGUE Major Qualifier - Atlanta, Georgia

Ukraine SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 - Kiev, Ukraine
Australia IEM Sydney 2017
Sweden DreamHack Open Summer - Jönköping, Sweden
United Kingdom ECS Season 3 Finals - London, UK
Germany ESL One Cologne 2017
Poland PGL Krakow Major
Sweden DreamHack Masters Malmö
United States ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier Playoffs - Atlanta, Georgia
Romania EU Minor: ELEAGUE 2018 Major - Bucharest, Romania
Spain WESG EU&CIS Regional Finals - Barcelona, Spain
Denmark ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals - Odense, Denmark
Mexico ECS Season 4 Finals - Cancun, Mexico

Ukraine StarSeries i-League Season 4 - Kiev, Ukraine
China WESG 2017 World Finals - Haikou, China
Australia IEM Sydney 2018
Ukraine StarSeries i-League Season 5 - Kiev, Ukraine
Germany ESL One Cologne 2018
United Kingdom FACEIT Major 2018 - London, UK
Russia EPICENTER 2018 - Moscow, Russia
Malta SuperNova CS:GO Malta - St. Julian's, Malta
United Arab Emirates PLG Grand Slam - Abu Dhabi, UAE

Poland IEM Katowice Major
Brazil BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo
Australia IEM Sydney
Germany ESL One Cologne 2019
Germany EU&NA Minor: StarLadder Major Berlin
Germany StarLadder Major Berlin
United Kingdom OMEN Challenge
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New HLTV stat
Yeah Impact Rating (updated formula based on multi-kills, opening kills, 1onX wins and more)
I guess we simply don't have new profile pictures at the moment :<
Capital gains tax.
Capital gains are still taxed a lot less than salaries in most countries. Just figure out a way to pay less capital gain taxes, there is always a way. Run the money through a company, use the company ...
romantic movies
10 years (2011) He's just not that into you Midnight in Paris Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight Blue Valentine
No fantasy for ESL One NY
It is coming. Be patient :3
Heroic -Nato
Factually incorrect
10/10 team fixes that will never happen
He was but he is no longer doing it
10/10 team fixes that will never happen
nexa is the IGL for CR4ZY, not huNter
Minor FANTASY pls
+1 Edit: need to put actual content in the reply so I don't get banned by jon E Please Minor Fantasy Mr. Nomad
Spotify podcasts? All podcast apps available here
HLTV responsive design
No problem meme_jesus please remember this when you are around resolving us from sin
HLTV responsive design
Try disabling the plugin/addon and see if it resolves the issue
HLTV responsive design
I'm pretty sure that only happens because you are using some unofficial "chat" plugin. I tried adjusting the width of the window and never got that scroll appearing
Instantly came
You are probably eating shit-level tomatoes that taste like plastic. A lot of what you get in non-natural tomato countries, during the off-season, or in supermarkets, are like this. Real tomatoes aka ...