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Serbia The World Championships 2016 - Belgrade, Serbia
Romania EU Minor: PGL Krakow Major - Bucharest, Romania
Sweden DreamHack Open Winter - Jönköping, Sweden
United States ELEAGUE Season 2 Playoffs - Atlanta, Georgia
United States ECS Season 2 Finals - Anaheim, California
United States ELEAGUE Major Qualifier - Atlanta, Georgia

Ukraine SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 - Kiev, Ukraine
Australia IEM Sydney 2017
Sweden DreamHack Open Summer - Jönköping, Sweden
United Kingdom ECS Season 3 Finals - London, UK
Germany ESL One Cologne 2017
Poland PGL Krakow Major
Sweden DreamHack Masters Malmö
United States ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier Playoffs - Atlanta, Georgia
Romania EU Minor: ELEAGUE 2018 Major - Bucharest, Romania
Spain WESG EU&CIS Regional Finals - Barcelona, Spain
Denmark ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals - Odense, Denmark
Mexico ECS Season 4 Finals - Cancun, Mexico

Ukraine StarSeries i-League Season 4 - Kiev, Ukraine
China WESG 2017 World Finals - Haikou, China
Australia IEM Sydney 2018
Ukraine StarSeries i-League Season 5 - Kiev, Ukraine
Germany ESL One Cologne 2018
United Kingdom FACEIT Major 2018 - London, UK
Russia EPICENTER 2018 - Moscow, Russia
Malta SuperNova CS:GO Malta - St. Julian's, Malta
United Arab Emirates PLG Grand Slam - Abu Dhabi, UAE

Poland IEM Katowice Major
Brazil BLAST Pro Series Sao Paulo
Australia IEM Sydney
Germany ESL One Cologne 2019
Germany EU&NA Minor: StarLadder Major Berlin
Germany StarLadder Major Berlin
United Kingdom OMEN Challenge
United States ECS Season 8 Finals
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ESL EU fantasy R8 AND HELP
ye ty, I didn't really put more than 5 mins into this - and seeing mouz struggle today vs. c0ntact shook me additionally Will rethink the rule as Homem also said
ESL EU fantasy R8 AND HELP
LMAO copied the url before the page loaded
ESL EU fantasy R8 AND HELP Thoughts?
Your city temperature?
27 C
unbiased news sites
Not that much of day-to-day, breaking news, but I think The Economist does a decent job of telling you what is going on in the world
lekr0 options
It was the pronax one actually, here is the timestamped vod for people interested: (BTW Season 5 starts today with guest jks pls join :<)
Most of the people I know that bought gaming laptops almost never used them to play games and either sold them or regretted the purchase. If you need it for work as well then fine, but you could maybe...
MR12 and OT changes
I know a lot of people like what we have - and I do too, for the most part -, but thinking about change and giving ideas doesn't necessarily go against that. Trying MR12 on ESEA I would say it still f...
Prof come here
Could be interesting, thanks for the idea
Prof come here
Hey mens what's up?
6 mens rosters and rankings?
Explained here "We just rank the (most) active lineup at the time of the ranking, and from some matches they get 100% of points, from some 60-80%, depending on who played"
-dream3r +texta
Madden monteNegro
I was not know this details
Madden monteNegro
All I'm saying is that he had a Serbian flag before WESG