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Its not like he is the only problem, i think semphis is even bigger problem, he keeps losing rounds for c9 like fuck. such a braindead cripple.
Valve, time to communicate!
banhammer gogo
NiP fire Pita inc.?
Why would the be firing him? everyone can put up their mind out there.
Flusha AIM-Locks Slow-Mo this one very nice aswell =))) aim locked to the guy behind
I think you should get banned. Thats what i think.
Fifflaren 'Reflections'
Yeah definetly :)
Fifflaren 'Reflections'
Great interview, i actually enjoyed to watch it till the very end :) keep up the good work fiffy and also thorin with the stuff u do!
steel series is shit
are you throwing them or what the fuck? how can u nablets always break ur stuff, ive had my steelseries siberia headset (the very first one) for 5 years now and still working perfectly.
one of the first esports casters casting RTCW game tune in!
Go go go go go!
You shouldnt even be bothered trying to explain inbreds anything. they know shit about it. its HLTV full of geekish nerd kids. let them be. IGNORE them
Changes in NiP after Cph?
why would they retire anytime soon? they are still in top form, love playing competitively and they play for living. it will be way more than 1-1,5years. I'd say 3-5 years would be closer to the truth...
Booing Virtus Pro
You cant expect much from geek kids, especially in CSGO community.
Steelseries Rival
is mx518 much bigger than SS? ive had my mx518 since ~8-9 years. So i was just thinking of getting a new mouse and getting myself to this year :D and was surely thinking of SS rival.. so much differ t...
compLexity vs iBUYPOWER
Hope iBP can pull out some sick shit in next EU lan. team looks promising!
Why the fuck do you all people keep giving him all this attention? that emo kid doesnt deserve any of it. no matter if its negative/positive. So fuck the guy, forget him already.