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With boltz they had a shit T side and normal CT Now with Tarik their CT side look like shit and their T side is good Once they figure what is missing I hope the team click again
Boltz future
I think Boltz already has a team After MIBR vacations they're gonna move from the game house and be living separately. Fer just said in his stream that he's gonna split an apartment with boltz in LA
Thorin ROASTED tarik
fallen is building a stream center picking up stew and tarik
i like boltz
So many young players in Brazil in the need of an experienced leader to rise If boltz had that style he could go far
He is just happy, excited..
S1mple 200 IQ?
He was just being political in a response from what should have been kept behind the scenes
S1mple 200 IQ?
His decision was to go for SK at the time, he just couldnt because NaVi dint find an agreement along SK
Astralis vs Natus Vincere
What a shit punch
mibr please
+1 Agree. EU international teams (Faze, mouz...) sometimes practice online in different countries and they manage to get communication flowing, even having to speak their mother language in a daily ba...
North vs MIBR
Fallen cant hit an awp shot and his strats got washed up already, he cannot reinvent himself anymore Fer has no consistency his old style anymore, just look how good he plays ladder room on ct side t...
North vs MIBR
Relying on Fallen's awp skill nowadays turns into it Their strat was both fallen and boltz pick at the same time, so if fallen dies he should get the kill. He lost his first chance when fallen picked...
North vs MIBR
Fer keep doing the same plays he used to 2 years ago
North vs MIBR
So hard to watch them playing like this... jeez
Snax Ruined Mouz
New kids doubting Snax.. The guy is a beast, was stuck in a old and unmotivated roster 100% sure he's gonna get at top level again