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daily motivation and routine
you don't earn very good in the gaming industry, it is kind of like the fashion industry of the programming world. Loads of people that wanna do it so companies can be really picky and don't have to p...
Believe in god!
why would you not go to hell just cause you believe in god? Maybe god places people who belive in him in hell? Or you know, there is no hell and you just die and cease to exist
your 3-0 / 0-3?
ence / vici
Ence pickers come here
yes EZ4ENCE, 3-0 ezypzy
Smooya trying his best to keep up the image of UK cs
ps4 >>> PC
the only reason for a ps4 is exclusives, the rest a PC does better
[18+] Is Computer Science overrated?
cause I work in the field and there is a crazy need of people. People jumping into computer science cause they "like" computers is not a new thing, happened when I went to unti as well, most people qu...
[18+] Is Computer Science overrated?
nope, not the next 40 years in that case
Why I hate capitalism
Like greed doesn't exist in other systems. The elite was so not greedy during the soviet era....
Philosophy degree?
Everyone should study philosophy, I'd like to see parts of it be mandatory for whatever you study as it really broadens our minds and makes us think in new ways, but as a degree it is rather useless. ...
ViCi vs North
Don't think vici can make this, winstrike was their chance
Winstrike vs Envy
Euro/American minor lol
Cloud9 vs BIG
Definitely among the top, might even be the smartest
Envy vs FURIA
Because you type omg throw/fix/whatever every single game and sometimes you will be right but most of the time you are not, something you seem to forget as soon a new game starts. People like you shou...
ViCi vs Grayhound
Oh look you were completely wrong. Not gonna stop you from spew the same bullshit in the next game and when you are finally right scream "omg so obvious", completely ignoring all the times you were wr...