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Worst country youve ever visited?
greece bc its too hot and the infrastructure is shit
hey can you recommend me some town on northern finnland with max 15° during day where i can go hiking nicely please. i have holidays the second half of july and not booked something yet because uncert...
i wish all germany would be like bavaria
in austria 178cm is avarage so its probably a true stereotype if you are small with 177 🙃 dont worry you can still grow some cm if you dont smoke weed 24/7
tell me about your neighbours: is sharting a meme or do burgers really shit themselves while farting? beside having diarrhea i never heard about it in reallife and on the internet its always the burge...
how tall are you?
czech: 10/10 grills, everything looks medieval, good beer, origin of knedlik and many other great viennese food ukraine: 10/10 grills, wodka, putins and usa bitch at the same time (but wants to be eus...
always fun to get called nazi by germans its like that spiderman meme
What did 1.6 do better than csgo
visability and sound edit: aim, russian walk (which is movement but still), wallbanging
there are worse powerpoles just made from wood in ungarn. driving over the border feels like a time machine infrastructure wise.
which car?
ZywOo GOAT candidate
lets wait 13 years and see if he can still perform vs t1. until then f0rest stays goat.
Secret tech hidden from public?
source 2
Antifa or Turks
kurdish women protested for womens rights and got attacked by grey wolves. they fleed into a building where antifa has some rooms and then they tried to set the building on fire with molotov cocktails...
FATE vs mens