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To nip fanboys
I really feel sorry for Get_Right as he can definitely be back to top 5 individually in a team that is stronger both strategically and individually. vs fnatic
Krimz saved fnatic's ass on inferno. If it wasn't for him, VP would have won very convincingly.
Best personality in CS:GO scene. You have my respect, Wiktor! :bow:
I feel sorry for kennyS
Why would they kick anyone if they are still number one in the world? We had a dream team Titan and Verygames in 2013 and 2014 but it did not work. Team chemistry is a lot more important that aiming. ... vs fnatic
byali is like the only player that is a beast on VP side. :) I think they just need consistency, just like pretty much any other CIS team (I know they technically aren't CIS but sure do have similar p...
NiP performance at DHW
And winning situations they should not win as well so it balances it out. :)
LDLC vs fnatic
Map should be changed/banned. Same goes for cobble. Please give us back train and just add season.
LDLC vs fnatic
And the LDLC guys are just crushed. Not because of the decision but because of the way they were treated. I hope they find the motivation to go and play their best this afternoon. I saw tweets about f...
LDLC vs fnatic
So they should continue from 13:3 after LDLC won the pistol.
flusha vs HR
I agree, ANGE1 looked at him, and flusha was facing the handshake process with his back. Sad, sad guy...
mousesports vs GPlay
Rly close game. I think gplay are in good form and are motivated, calm and have chance of getting out of the group or finishing 3rd. Mousesports so arogant that they almost lost...
Titan vs LDLC
To make the loss more plausible lose 2 times in a row? :D
Titan vs LDLC
Did LDLC lose just to get into the easier group and skip a match with NiP in the groups? We'll see for sure in the final but still, they might decide to lose on purpose. They beat VP in Faceit so they...
fnatic vs NiP
NiP did with 3 ppl surviving. P.S. And the DDoS-ing begins...
fnatic vs NiP
NiP need 1 or 2 roster changes plus a lot of fresh ideas. I think they need a stratmaker cause the ones they're using have become so traditional that everyone knows how to counter them. And when GeT_R...