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Seized lol
what a god lol
As an actual eskimo I take great offense in this. We were proud of our eskimo nebula. Shame on you NASA!
shroud 500k viewers wtf
no bots on mixer, expected
Only met one guy that was semi-blatant, the rest? I dunno. No replays = how can I know if someone is cheating unless they go full ragemode lol
You're delusional if you think there are no cheaters in Valorant. The community is much smaller than CS with no tournaments other than some invite only tournaments. Just wait until the game blows up w...
Not many better players who are young and without contract though. Hes the best 16 yo currently without contract, probably willing to sit on bench and just play some tournaments in order to get experi...
Thorin as coach?
No serious org would recruit Thorin lmao.
adreN is a good tactician, but ultimately I think they realized thats not what they needed at all considering their strats during their peak wasn't very advanced anyway. Reason hes out and moses is i...
Well both are replaced now so figures... Are you implying nitr0 wasn't the weakest on the team by far?
Both of them played a very small role in the teams success in 2019. Literally no real IGL on the team and just run and gun strats. Twistzz, Elige and NAF in top form was the factor in the teams succe...
Nice game vs bonk bro! GL in Valorant.
actually mistook him for another player called "AslaN"
FPL talent. Ex-CoD pro, almost went pro in CS as well. Guy clearly has work ethic.
Wardell big mistake ?
He had a bad reputation in CS, no chance of an org like Liquid picking him up. He was the NA s1mple in a way, whined alot whenever he was losing and calling out teammates. Great talent though. I thin...