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f0rest future
Gotta admit I haven't had any time to watch this tournament at all and given the teams attending, sure its T1, but theres how many T1 events per year? f0rest usually performs at these type of events w...
f0rest future
thought it was China, Starladder have usually been hosted there or Russia. Another tournament no one gives a shit about
f0rest future
Expected classic f0rest to perform at events in China that no one cares about. Somehow NiP fans will wake up from nowhere to praise him and call him GOAT. Wait until next major where teams really try...
glorified matchmaking. Used to be cool to watch when it was new and actual pros spent time on it.
Subroza? ok lol. Why is this org even competing in CS:GO? Its so obvious they aren't even trying anymore. Lets hope auti is just milking the paycheck until his contract expires because this is really...
sdy lol
kidding me? Only StarSeries was decent teams wise rest are basically CIS qualifiers and MDL. Katowice main qualifier 0.89 rating says it all.
sdy lol
most overrated player on the forum tbh. haven't seen anything from him to merit a move to a higher level team. He needs to show alot more and especially on LAN before hes going to have the attention ...
jackz IMO is completely useless right now. Espiranto plays same role and is younger, better and can actually communicate in english. This change will happen for sure
DUTCH crowd
Better than DH Malmö for sure
Amanek is much better overall than JaCkz. Hes been awful since shox left
just a matter of time before cr4zy disbands. Espiranto still young, why would he hang onto a team with 1ntel and emi? Just a matter of time before G2 -JaCkz and +Espi
Xizt best
Let me guess. 80% of those came between 2012-2014? None of the old NiP core will be relevant in 2 years time, surpassed by alot of players.
s1mple ADR
"drop by 0.2" means he would get 0.2 worse rating than today
s1mple is going to win his first Major with his new line up!
individually NaVi is definitely the strongest team in the world. Just need to get all 5 players in form for the major then everything is possible
NaVi s1mple
s1mple+electronic. GuardiaN needs to have more impact with awp otherwise whats the point? Might work vs G2, but GL vs EG, Astralis or Liquid (not in their best form rn) without ur awper having massiv...