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He did a lot of job for development of swedish CS. Yeah we can all see the results lmao
next eu minor
mouz and North arent in the EU Minor though, right? Don't they have to go through the online qualifiers first since they failed in the current EU minor?
dude, last time we had a competitive team was in friggin early 2016. Swedish scene looks dead and buried. NiP = best swedish team, T2 Fnatic = T2 Red Reserve 3rd best team is a complete joke x6tence...
getting rid of lekr0 was really stupid. Dennis is not the solution lmao. Hes just as bad as the rest of this scene
Brollan might be the best talent in Sweden right now but internationally speaking, not very high standard. Krimz is a beast but rest of the team is poor IMO. JW is awful and his style worked out in ...
Krimz should go to FaZe, they need a guy like him. The rest of the swedish scene is...sad. We have no talent that is good enough to challenge the absolute top teams of today. Fnatic and NiP keep makin...
S1 > Devve proof.
Best players tend to be part of the best team. Doubt you'll see players outside of top20 on an individual level dominate the scene. Then you can have the rare occassional player that performs extraord...
s1mple chose XANTARES
Xantares is proven top player but had a weak team with honestly no backing and barely any salary. s1mple is right to pick him as a given top20 player if BIG can perform. refrezh and sergej are good, ...
problem is adding olof and GuardiaN made rain awful. And olof and GuardiaN isnt consistent enough to make up for that loss. Only NiKo seems to be somewhat consistent, but yeah, they need an IGL who ca...
FaZe worse?
undeserved. and also, not very hard when 2018 was all about 4 teams. FaZe were good early in the year (when rain was actually quite good!), then NaVi improved, Liquid made some upsets and the rest wa...
List DUMPED players
disco doplan devilwalk Happy KQLY lul Sf lul Whoever gets booted from NiP next will probably be on this list, its like if you get booted from either Fnatic or NiP your career ends abruptly. I guess s...
Feel bad 4 NiKo
I don't hate him, as a matter of fact I respect his insane aim from back when VeryGames were a menace in CS:GO scene. But lets just face it, hes isn't T1 team material anymore. Doesn't really have to...
FaZe worse?
If they bomb out of the major we can probably say they got worse. But I think need more change than just karrigan, and tbh I don't even know for sure if he was really the problem. Rains awful form co...
Feel bad 4 NiKo
Bad team but suggests ScreaM. HLTV logic at its finest. LMAO
yeah, not sure I got that right. Thought he quit before Astralis picked him up but now I'm not sure