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MSL + Aizy salary
Yup, they picked up Kjaerbye and offered him huge salary most likely. First months weren't too bad but went south pretty fast. For the most part of 2019 they struggled to even win T3 tournaments
MSL + Aizy salary
well back in the days (when they had a decent lineup) they atleast won tournaments.
MSL + Aizy salary
Been saying this for years. Theres a reason they off-loaded literally all of their starplayers and that is because North A/S been losing about 20 million DKK over 4 years. Obviously they had to turn t...
YnK or Moses?
Name more than 5 coaches that have "impact". Its essentially a person that will motivate and hype the players, not necessarily a CS-tactical expert. I'd say Moses, given his past achievements is more ...
YnK or Moses?
Yeah blame coach that your scene is dead and you only practice vs T50 teams (by EU standards). Not exactly an unexpected outcome
s1mple claimed biggest award
They were good throughout the entire year with several players overperforming for a long time like AdreN, mou and Hobbit. They were okayish after Zeus left too but you could see that they were going d...
s1mple claimed biggest award
They won a major because of their chemistry and hard work. The players on their own were never good enough, but thanks to Zeus and hard work they could pull it off.
s1mple claimed biggest award
You know those awards just come down to votes? It's essentially a popularity contest. Winning the major is the result of hard training. Even a guy like Ninja could win "Esports PC player of the year...
KRIMZ ? Cheating? or something else?
Imagine he got VACed in CS:GO and Valve removes it, what a slap in the face to Jamppi :D
Its his account, you can see the link to it here in the game between Fnatic and Dignitas: https://www.faceit.com/sv/csgo/room/af61e1c0-91dc-452f-989f-0a4e30b0905f No idea what happened. This is quit...
DOTA, TF2 etc. I guess most Steam games that have multiplayer support use VAC
Yeah, being average in one game doesn't mean you will be average in the next and so on. I think Valorant and CS can co-exist without any issue. Maybe teams in the future will compete in both games b...
+1. This cycle of bashing other games have been going on for like 25 years lol. When CS:S was released 1.6ers said it was a game for people that sucked at the "original CS". When GO first came out i...
top1 decided already. This performance across 2 maps wont be topped this year, perhaps ever? Not a s1mple fan but this is...wtf?
s1mple aim
somebody check him PC...