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Old hltv accounts come
2013-11-18 don't normally fanboy teams/players, but Nordic players/teams get my support. As well as god sdy and Spirit.
Trump being targetted
Then again its kinda funny how Swedish media portrays his views and how Trump wants to open up America as some sort of disaster waiting to happen yet we never shut Sweden down during the crisis lol M...
Bring back one pro player
Prime Skadoodle with todays Liquid instead of Nitr0 as AWP. Oh boy...
Bring back one pro player
dennis 2014 was better than olof, dennis 2016? not so much. He just made a comeback in like 2015 with G2 after being away for almost half a year. Dennis in late 2013/early 2014 with LGB was a beast.
Astralis flairs
Not a fan, but not much for them to say is there? Wait until they start playing again...
FaZe Kjaerbye?
Those are the options that people are talking about. Don't agree with Bubzkij being better though, but the thing with Kjaerbye is that hes out of contract.
FaZe Kjaerbye?
I look at FaZe and alot of their problems comes down to inconsistency. You got rain whose inconsistent, broky who has been great but can be inconsistent, game vs ENCE a good example. Bymas inexperienc...
FaZe Kjaerbye?
Who says they need an IGL? You? Geez, no reason for them to go down the IGL road AGAIN after trying out how many IGLs in the past? Apart from karrigan then NiKo is their most successful IGL to date
FaZe Kjaerbye?
ALEX on his own is barely T1 material lol. Yeah he achieved stuff in Vitality with ZyWoO in godmode. Doubt that warrants a team paying 600k for you. Kjaerbyes merites >>>>>>>>> ALEX and he doesn't c...
FaZe Kjaerbye?
No ones going to pay 600k for a player that left his team because he didn't want to travel. He needs to get out of his contract first and then change his mind on competing again. And who knows for ho...
FaZe Kjaerbye?
Kjaerbye >>> 600k ALEX any day
FaZe Kjaerbye?
Better options that comes for free? Don't think so. Lekr0, Bubzkij and ALEX are all under contract
Why Kjaerbye is a liability
Well I think its a win/win for both parts here.... Pretty obvious Kjaerbye wasn't coming back because when you're sidelined for that long and the team (honestly) isn't doing much worse then its hard ...
Swedish ppl COME
Vänsterpartiet, Miljöpartiet, FI...