QW and CS beta-1.3. Certified Cheat Detective. I can spot you toggling your bread and butter.
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TaZ idiot?
Sweden the country where telling good things will be turned to something bad. Too much thinking in your country. Dont let them muslims get in plx
400+ fps CPU for CS
i use 6700k at 4.5ghz, with a really bad amd display card.. can get 300-500fps
(SERIOUS DISCUSSION) Arguments for support the EU mass immigration
There is no point talking sense into these muslims anyway. They will react with voilence, the only way they know of. They need to be at a training camp where they learn to behave and threat people wit...
(SERIOUS DISCUSSION) Arguments for support the EU mass immigration
Well well its the truth with some modification i see. Islam is not only a religion, its a complete system who try to change the law, rules, politics, school system, sports etc... thats why ppl are ...
People like you is the reason this world never gets rid of corruption. Go home muslim boy.
why muslims h8 ?
Islam is not just a religion, its a complete system. Thats the problem with muslims!
Telenorligaen Finals 2016 (NOR Fragmovie edited to Turbonegro!)
Do u know UBAR from old days?
4k Hours Gold nova master , 1.3k wins
I would have hit Global Elite if it wasnt for all the cheaters. But even with all the cheaters I managed to go Legendary Eagle with 200h played :P
Clinton is a disgrace.
Good argument. Not! But the answer I exected from Clinton supporter!
Clinton is a disgrace.
I think its Clinton who wants to start nuclear wars, not Trump. Trump wants peace.
Im really a quake player
Im really a quake player
Yeah thats because of these gaming companies wants to make money. I dont blame em, and I can always choose to play something else. However I would really like to camp like 99,9% of the people in th...
Im really a quake player
Its fun to camp at times when I want to reck everything. But I always seem to want to have a challenge, else I feel like a lousy coward. If you know what I mean.
shox blatant?
He is also scratching his nose like hes lying or hiding something. Very obvious mechanical aim lock.
About cheating
Agree. Wake me up when he starts to see the aimlocks that are not human movement. Its impossible to replicate it, he is talking bullshit.