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NRG not german team
Is nuri Sahin turkish, even tho he was born and raised in germany and speaks german better than turkish? am i polish bc my partens are polish or am i german bc i have a german passport and did live my...
25 years GERMANY !
yeah sure getting the eastern areas back... this should never happen and not going to happen.
Global account for sale
are there still accounts that are not global elite?
Germans in France
yep thats true. just wanted to say that there is still alot of the melting pots of germany and france appearance and look differs so hard you can hardly tell where someones from. i know a ...
Germans in France
also after ww2 alot of couples met at student exchanges or whatever. the two countries did alot to bring the people together.
Your mom age
65, how old am i?
yo guys im 29.12.1990 and in my eyes your both posts melt into one. at least we are born the same year :P but my grandpa was also 26.12 but 1920 ;)
Your first clan ?
"Apocalyptical Soldiers" fouded 2005
As s1mple as that
very good edit, i want more!
Antarctica CS:GO
shouldnt be australian or capetown servers be closer to you than european? pretty cool you are playing from over there wish you good look with your work and dont get a cold
AREA- cumback
kuqlys fakeaccount
NEED A ESEA Weekly code!
yeah,also went a few days ago to a gasstation, bought 20 euro of paysafecard and viola, 3 months of esea!
german kezboards
Russia is the best country in the world
looks like isis. you sure this is not raqqa?