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serious question!
it comes out of your mouth after a while
1080p 240hz or 4k 165hz?
640x480 is more than enough
Thorin vs Nomad
how childish
WTF site am I on?
dead baby burger, my fav
EU army
whats the point of having an army anyway. People that serve are government slaves and all it can do is kill & destroy. I vote for those politicians that want military spending to be deported into sp...
hltv dead
Lost interest in the game. Just here for other stuff
next terror attack !!!!
lmao :D
So if I move to the UK, as a dutchman, I have to use a vpn with Dutch IP just to make sure I dont have that English flag on my profile. Thats why it doesnt make sense. Not all people living in a count...
double post, accidental*
Ehm using vpn is easier than logging in HLTV. Literally piece of cake, not to mention on mobile (lots of free and fast apps) How do you know its just a few? Its gonna do literally nothing to the tr...
wouldnt matter. Right now im in Toronto and i would have a canadian flag. Yesterday it wouldve been a French one. And tomorrow it would be a Dutch one (home) For people that travel a lot it would...
My ex texted me after 2 years
When you drop a glass, it breaks. You glue it back together, it's whole again. But you still see the cracks. Dont drink out of that glass my friend, it can shatter while you drink and hurt you real ba...
far from "pretty common"
North Korea beyond retarded?
dont touch someone elses stuff. Deserved