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star wars
after fodder got ow, his playstyle on stream completely chged. no sick movement, no sick aim anymore, play completely like a silver. that's the point
Pasha can't hold criticism
Just drop this joke here again: There are two types of ppl who will never cheat: 1.Legends like NEO,f0rest,GTR,etc... 2.People who don't know how to install cheat, i.e. Pasha.
Easy way to find match page
He was a beast during 1.6 time. That specific moment I saw the shadow of his past.
I think he also casted CEVO season 5&6 as well. In the early days, CEVO have C0tton+Klops & Misled+Labor combo, with launders jumping in here and there. Better than ESEA in the past.
Misled has been involved in CS for a long long time...Has casted some local LAN...He is not new at all...
DaZeD: "Skadoodle never lose those rounds."
The only time I remember that Shazham really showed a bit internationally was on Nuke. Can't remember which team it was, might be NiP.
CS 1.6 Flash system in GO
Nah, I don't think it's that a big deal. I'd rather want volvo to fix jumping/plant hitbox, jumping accuracy first.
CS 1.6 Flash system in GO
You can in GO. throw,fast qq, throw
razer so heavy
razer so heavy
Cheap. One new 3G cost me 20 bucks on ebay. One new Chroma cost me 60.
razer so heavy
deathadder 3G v3, 145g, not the newest chroma one.
Neo 1.6, why best?
Did I say it's my tutorial? Did I say it's pretty easy? What I said is "if you practice a bit, not that hard tho". Learn to read.