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shazam getting cut
Ptr and tarik join C9, shroud joins hiko's team and shahzam joins some other team.
There was only a small group of people who cared in the first place and they alienated most of them by repeatedly promising release dates and pushing them back for literally years.
PIMP vs Semmler
Teams actively [ITALIC]choose[/ITALIC] to play on cbble and overpass all the time now. Those aren't reject maps anymore. Train was added to the map pool less than a month ago and teams have had 0 oppo...
Hiko Theories
I'd take AZK over steel because AZK is more consistent round to round than steel imo. Steel always seemed to either go big or do nothing at all. AZK didn't have a ton of big highlight plays, but he'd ...
VAC ban after 12 years.
It's generic but that's the response they give when they did look into it. There's another generic response they give when they don't.
Steel & Dazed
That's a simplistic and flat out stupid way to go about things. All crimes are not equal. Though whether swag and AZK are actually deserving of a non-permanent ban is something we'll probably never kn...
I think that's at least closest to what happened. Completely just gut feelings, but I'm guessing at least part of the IBP team wasn't aware of what was going on. I'm just curious to see who ends up se...
FUGLY did NOT return to Denial
It's a joke. He's with denial.
iBUYPOWER -nitr0???
Maybe it'll work out for them, but I actually think nitro was a better fit on that team, from an outside perspective anyway.
Lurppis states his opinion on Flusha
When someone starts talking in absolutes about the subject it lets you know to disregard their opinion on it.
KQLY admits
Didn't smn admit to cheating at DH Stockholm? I didn't follow his side of stuff very closely though, so maybe he was more dishonest initially.
Titan dismiss KQLY
How the fuck do these guys have egos so insanely inflated that they actually believe anyone is stupid enough believe that?
"give semphis a big healthy slap" With semphis being sick right now that sounds like a really bad joke.
Cloud9 Roster it Needed?
I wouldn't say free. If they aren't careful they could definitely get upset by Mousesports or 3DMax in a bo1. Still shouldn't really show much tomorrow though.
c9 or vp?
Dropping all the lower skilled filler teams to have round robin groups of 4 where teams play twice, similar to how FaceIt ran their groups last week, would be much better than this.