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France come here
Versailles and Nice are very touristic but there are much better places in France
France come here
Les landes is a bit boring tbh, too much forest. Bassin d'arcachon is better for the ocean. I prefer the Alps over the Pyrenean mountains but yeah it's still very beautiful
France come here
+1, almost said the same thing (see below)
France come here
Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon for the cities. Perigord, Corrèze, for the country side Savoie if you like mountains. Bassin D'arcachon for the ocean. Cote d'Azur if you want sun/warm
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Yes please more years of laughing my ass off
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Top five colors
being fat
muh burgers
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EliGE > p1mple
French People
Heavy smokers cut their lifespan by 13 years on average - science And I'm not a heavy smoker. I just smoke when I drink
French People
Just do what your mama tells ya little boy, you'll be fine. CS:GO is bad for your health, stop browsing HLTV and playing CS, go to bed, CS bad for you. Don't be a geek, it's more disgusting than peop...
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I think there is a big difference between enjoying something that harms you but gives you pleasure like alcool, if you don't drink like an idiot, and jumping off a bridge. I'm sorry for you if your br...
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Half of france buy cigs in spain * And yes, also andorra, but that's not very convenient
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