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[*] RIP Lebron James
Lebron has already accomplished everything he needs to already as an NBA player. There is nothing left to accomplish. But yes he wouldn't be on Lakers this season if he wanted to win.
Gun sounded like a AR 15 which seems like most mass shootings use.
Fortnite or pubg?
Fortnite because the game is overall a better gaming experience. PUBG is full of hackers, bugs, shittiest hitbox and reg. When I saw a clip of a hacker flying onto a drop crate, I immediately uninst...
r8 dat ASS
so damn 10/10
his CSGO days are over...he has been on a decline for years and still dropping
-Nitro -Pimp
They are all shit except for Elige, roster changes won't help Liquid at all.
great body, perfect skin 10/10
He is not going to win Florida, Broward OP
i'd fika her
The Cheating Problem
This needs to happen too many cheating PRO's are rampant. Coders are way ahead of valve and valve ain't doing shit about it.
16 yrs OLD girl
long as there's grass on the field play ball
FalleN demo bug/weird mouse movement?
Seriously though this is not a human flick shot, it's something assisting his aim. How can you guys not see that you cannot flick to the head at a 90 degree points in REAL TIME.
FalleN demo bug/weird mouse movement?
its definitely an aimlock, just the way its snaps in multiple areas then when he hits and releases his normal aim just shakes and releases.
FalleN demo bug/weird mouse movement?
THIS +1000000 Who the hell aims in real time 3 point locks, something is assisting him not natural at all, wow. That's a fucking AIMLOCK people!!
fallen finally exposed
I've been saying this Fallen and Coldzera do not have natural aim at times. Running around with awps without crosshair locking onto Enemies while unscoped to get crucial info. It's so easy to aimloc...