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become a porn director
Nip FIfflaren
fifflaren was a shit player. but, he prolly had other qualities that made the rest of his team mates play better. if fifflaren was an mmo character he would have shit dps, but have alot of buffs for ...
mibr laugh thread
respect people of brasil. they have nothing. no brain and not even bananas xd pls let them have decent cs team. rest of the world have so much. pls give them something xd pls xdd
Richard Lewis
people who like richard lewis arent retards like the fgts who hate on him. also they have a working brain. therefore u wont see them post shit everwhere. this is why it seems like everyone is hating o...
Self BJ (18+)
haha xd thats an amazing talent man ^^
I hate gay people.
pretty sure ur just an insecure little rat looking for attention. if a fgt tries to touch me i punch him in the face and im happier for it..
Will you buy PS5?
ofc. how else can i watch netflix? xdd
AUG era
holding an angle with an aug is so fucking easy. from mid to long ranges even a silver can consistently kill u with an instant headshot.. if you dont have your flashgame on point as t these days you ...
sun is flat
the sun is fake. the universe isnt real. get voke pls..
sun is flat
sun is mother of life. is this means moon is a lesbian? O.o
gay = choice of life
okay. firstly muslim isnt a race, so wtf u on about? xd secoundly half the quaran is stolen from the bible and the rest is bat shit crazy written by tribal goatfucking humans 600 A.D. ud have to be m...
gay = choice of life
its not certain that beeing gay is a mental illness. but, beeing a muslim is most certainly a mental illness xd prove me wrong ^^
AGO vs Nordavind
shit map :D
do black people deserve reperations?
yee, black culture is fucked up..
do black people deserve reperations?
not true at all. most black kids are raised by single mothers..