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TYLOO vs Panda
its not pandas connection issue, its just they felt they are playing in a disadvantage. Beijing server they get 80-90ping while tyloo is around 30-40ping, Hangzhou server panda gets 40-50ping while ty...
Mexicans come in
try snow Mexico, its always a safer option than Mexico.
Carnage fe vs TYLOO fe
why is Hazel with HK flag can play WESG, while Freeman cannot play for VG?
csgo hours thread
8000 hours... since 2013 April. I was like 3000 ELO faceit when I was 4-5k hours, now 2.2k elo. Used to be so keen on improving myself, learning all the utilities, nades, timing shit, play aimbot an...
R8 ace 1v5 look at this one, even pro team like fnatic will do the same mistake
R8 ace 1v5
When its 5v1, even faceit 2.7k elo will rush for frags... Thats how human works.
Post your bets of the day and results
So far today... Rene vs Avangar - Rene win (win) Fnc vs VG - Fnc -2.5 (lose) TyLoo vs Vit - Tyloo +4.5 (win) c9 vs Grayhound -c9 - 2.5 (win) G2 vs VS - G2 -2.5 (unluko lose) Ence vs Spirits -2.5 (win)...
iem katowice major prediction
Nice try otaku but it ain't gonna happen major final will be tylul vs astralis score will be 2:1 tylol win.
NaVi best lineup after major
s1mple -bot -bot -bot -electronic If they allow players to control the bots after they died. NaVi will be immortal
Top 3 best football clubs in history of ur country
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The player who fucked up his talent the most
Swag fxy0 ScreaM kNg
Astralis vs compLexity
if you know whos no2, its quite obvious whos no1 by then
Darkest time in your country’s history?
Few times probably. First time I go with 300-400 AD, where barbarian took over Northern part of China and genocide all the Chinese they found, naming Chinese people 'Two Leg Goat', as they just litera...
Countries to visit in January 2020?
Probably Singapore.