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Best Covid Response Countries
In Wuhan some area are locked down that people weren't even allow to go out and buy food, all food was supplied door to door by military or local police force
Best Covid Response Countries
Regardless how people criticize CCP on human right issue, I definitely believe that China has been the best nation in handling Covid so far. Australia took around 6-7 months to return to pre-covid lif...
Best Covid Response Countries
bruh, XinJiang has 22mil population, and about half of the population lived in cities like Urumqi and Aksu and so on. Theses cities has connecting flights to all major cities in China like Shanghai or...
Trump or Biden
Biden / Majority of democrats are example of left liberals, who do care about equality to a certain extend but reject socialism and does not criticise capitalism. They do want a higher tax and better ...
LoL or Dota?
In China, almost all IMO participants came from big cities like Shang Hai, Beijing or Shen Zhen. Indeed, in university admission, urban students has shown much better result than those lived in underd...
If you were president
China All firms will be profit-sharing with their employees, employees and workers will hold 30% to 50% of the shares. Inheritance tax will be up to 90%, gifting and setting up trust will also be hea...
Leftists come here please
Antifa is not group Anyone who intend to anti-fascists are anti. USA in 1945 was antifa too. Whoever think antifa is bad, can only be Fascists or Fascism sympathizer.
Sweden Covid 200iq
China 2000iQ on covid then. 1.4bn population, 4000 deaths. Nobody wear masks anymore, no need to keep social distancing, everything has re-opened, best economy growth worldwide this year. I honestly ...
Worst president in your country's history?
typical rightist Corean.
Worst president in your country's history?
Chiang Kai Shek