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Worst TV-Series
the only sitcoms I've thoroughly enjoyed and have watched repeatedly are Seinfeld and Frasier, how autistic am I
Worst TV-Series
the big bang theory are you a real person
disco doplan
honestly the worst nick goes to the russian guy whose name is It's My
Astralis vs fnatic
I just mean what kind of friends do you really have who make fun of your mother
Astralis vs fnatic
fnatic vs Astralis
From what I've seen, he actually changed it from "devve" to "dev1ce" without making any notification of it. At least that's his twitter handle and he has been playing under that variation of the name ...
Enemy vs Tempo Storm
boltzman boltzman boltzman boltzman boltzman boltzman
Magisk cheater?
"anymore" as in, you quit betting after losing all of your inventory on these 2 Na'Vi games? )
best TV show?
The Shield definitely, would also rec first season of True Detective
my cock is so hard right now, could chop diamond with it
>most say kitty looks hot, this cunt denies >is about to link shots from porno as an example of hot chicks you're not fooling anyone son, you can talk all you like about talking to girls but it's ...
no more Astralis fan
good logic, didn't he just mention he has been their fan for 2 years?
New Meme?
Putin is can't anything against Islam and World.
steam level
except a ton of scammers nowadays craft like 50 badges in a span of 2 hours and get to even 100 lvls at times just to show they're "legit". then you go and check when they crafted the badges and there...
Music tastes
how many hours do you spend @ pitchfork daily