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Why the CS scene is low in some countries like these?
UK players generally have massive ego problems and don't value team play, everyone thinks they are the star that can 1vs5. Being a cunt in the UK is trendy, so it's no surprise.
Which QF Games would you rather attend?
I only really care for NiP, feelsbadman.
Which QF Games would you rather attend?
Yeah this is what I'm thinking atm, but most disagree.. I'm going to the semis and the final so it's not like i'll be missing the elite teams.
Torqued vs Games Academy
I heard sgares wont be able to make it, so maybe dazed or steel will fill in.
r9 390 8gb vs gtx 970 4gb?
AMD will give you around 10 extra fps in most modern graphic intensive games, but in my experience my last 2 amd cards have failed within 2 years and my gtx 480 didnt die within 5 years.. AMD cards...
Cloud9 vs FlipSid3
c9 just exploiting that lack of chemistry/communication at b bombsite where hiko's playing
Goodbye flusha's aimlock
official servers = mm tournament servers have always been dictated by the the organisers.
Envy vs SK
across 3 maps.. ... with overtimes
dust, aztec ever played competitiv
dust was played in the first season of esea for csgo.
pros with overwatch ban?
shroud was overwatched on his viewer account when he first started streaming, before he went pro.
Team Delicate > beGenius
default win because they didnt turn up, wp.
Panthers vs Rasta
they didnt pick the map, its season week in cevo.
Immunity vs Liquid
hiko tried to make a team with these guys to try and win a major LOL vs Nihilum
he's their best player tbh.
x6tence vs CAZ
seen more teamwork in an esea pug than CAZ showed that match.