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kjaerbye aimlock
Haha, you cannot apply the "Monty Hall problem" on that.
USA hates freedom
Dude what. Since when have I said that Europe, or Sweden for that matter, is superior? Have I argued for something similar? Nope.. get a grip. Read a book or two.
Why Brazil is the best CS Nation
This isn't the first time teams come up like this. Let them ride the wave, it will be over soon. Same happened with LG, NA teams (of some sort) etc.
USA hates freedom
You cant answer my Q's. books are to advanced for you and you call my arguments weak. Do you have any idea how that sounds? And FYI I don't call you NOT free, I just think you're way of the char...
USA hates freedom
Wow, you don't think the average american is a brainwashed sheep? or the average russian? The problem is that NA think it's superior but in reality lacks everything that makes a country free, or gr...
USA hates freedom
Do you know who said that? "[...]if you have nothing to hide.." etc. Joseph Goebbels. Congratulations on your' free country!
USA hates freedom
Wow, you're more ignorant then I first thought. You know what they say - Ignorance is a bliss! Why do you think you're free? Compared to other modern states. Because you can carry a gun and don't h...
USA hates freedom
Look how the financial crisis went bruuh! Your' freeeeedom created awesomeness and millions of people loosing their homes. For you to understand - at your' level, see "The Big Short". Sure, it's a ...
In a BO1? Beat them in the final and I will salute you :)
your political ideology
Social liberalism is my view of life atm.
"ou rekk in esport but in sport you seem less good?????" Are you delusional?
I have to assume he's not a complete retard at first. Everyone get a chance. Time will tell :)
Do you know how to the rape statistic works for your country? Probably not, and if you do you should know there is a huge difference between other countries and Sweden about how the statistics is bro...
Terrorism Solution
I don't approve your methods but I like the different point of view. "Thinking outside the box".