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Job 10k/month
I am 98 she is my hand
best imX shesY hltv thread if you think otherwise, submit your candidates below
he had 1,40 but then he started playing in rosterchangepsilon
subbing to big streamers
idk and i dont care man :D i watch those who i find the most skilled, personality is often made up or acted in this business. I'm just suggesting that big streamers = its easier to happen that somebod...
subbing to big streamers
whatever man. It's probably because big streamers are big for a reason, they can entertain much better and they have better schedule than a boring 20 viewer streamer. Thats why big money goes to them
subbing to big streamers
what if 20,000$ is like 5$ to somebody, hm?
furlan aimbotting?
end of half/end of game lag. Another example of silver knowledge idiots showing clips like this as a proof of pro players cheating
3400 elo frags on faceit
i was impressed until i saw your 1k hours and fresh faceit account
good animes
mr putin please nuke this thread except the op. He did a good job gathering those weebs, you must respect his work and thus save him. Consider also saving me, but im happy to die for a good cause anyw...
xseveN non scoping?
facepalm x69 and they say hltv are all globals
Youtube vs facebook vs twitch
its completely opposite
Zowie Mice
what do you mean "old benq ones". Zowie default mice are old, benq version is newer. But scroll jumps in the old default version as well. And it probably does in the newer too
ropz is a wannabe sunny
no, he probably isnt. Its obviously for the mimz
ye who knows multihack probably
cheats bro. every pro is cheating