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semmler tweet
why are you freaking out about that tweet? if you think for at least few seconds, hes right about it. Economy builds stories during matches, when everybody can have a rifle the matches become more bor...
Is Billie Eilish a heroin addict?
damn i will never try heroin then
Best DJ right now
this brings nothing to my point :)
Best DJ right now
most of you dont have any idea about djing and neither do i. So please for the love of jonathan E differentiate between a producer and a dj
coldzera (the truth)
yea coldzera is one of the greatest. Stupid sheeps wont realize that
Zywoo #1 fans come here
yep, literally non stop baiting past year
Zywoo #1 fans come here
playing passive = having more consistent stats. Zywoo plays agressive and shows the same consistency. His kills have impact, you dont see him exitfragging/savefragging every second round, do you. Stat...
Zywoo #1 fans come here
the difference is navi is baiting was baiting for simple and vitality is not, zywoo is going first very often and you can see it almost every time unless he has an awp and he has a role to play/positi...
naaah, one of the beeest men( Apart from long breaks inbetween points its great. and no bs, just clear skill
Pimp hate
i think its very simpel his appearance is the main reason, people dont like his squint and the general expression of his face and probably the way he is speaking. Other than that he isnt really signif...
This Asian DHL Guy :D
This Asian DHL Guy :D
hes quite funny but if i saw him in another event it would start to get annoying
oof thank mr vitamind
brutal dm
only ugc
Blast is a fucking joke
yea i know thats how it works