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because c9 doesn't likee to spend money in CSGO anymore so they get average pros, as long as their name is still in the scene they still make money off it.
dev1ce awping on 1.6
Markeloff was one of the best awpers in 1.6 but I followed 1.6 since the day it was released .. And I can tell you he wasn't the best player ever. Get_right and NEO was probably the best ever followed...
Liquid scared?
no just no
Stewie2k laugh thread
stewie mvp best player on liquid =]
Stopped at Killary
Renegades WARDELL
So wardell is useless without awp too. Lol Awpers usually are good at awping.. Most suck with rifles .
Brehze to liquid to replace Stewie2k "dream world" wardell replace naf GG or Naf just awp full time
-NAF = Tier 3
-stew + auti kicking naf is dumb hes good as fuck
[16+] R8 CS FEMALE
Good body wears a lot of makeup hard to tell 8/10
they played well, I think they made the semi's of the last major. I don't think they will win tournaments every time but they will win one here and their with a lot of top 5 placings.. Most teams who ...
NA cs
Lives in NA has NA citizenship = EU or ASIA .. EU bait at its finest And you do technically realize noone is actually "na" North america is one of the youngest countries, Everyone is a immigrant
EG hasn't even won a event. Liquid won a grand slam and like 6 tournaments in row LOL EG>Liquid. I like both teams but people are haters Liquid has been better for two years. EG hasn't even won this e...