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go mibr i hate astralis lol
he was like 1-18 last map and hes 3-17 this map.. thats not flair hes trash
tbh im a big liquid fan but, I new they were done mid way through the first map. They all looked shaky and nitro was making horribleee plays. They are no doubt top 2 team, but today they played shitty
Yea zellsis is horrible... He was a mid tier player in NA don't know why hes on c9... after 30 games I don't see him doing shit. Either he needs to do something or leave the event and go home
sergej is a weeb
so because someone watches anime they should die or are a dweeb? sounds pretty fking stupid.
TRUMP wins again!
I support trump but I think he makes mistakes like anyone. But so has every other leader. I just sit back and watch and let him do his job. Nothing I can do, hes a billionaire off of 1 million dollars...
Liquid > NaVi?
just beat astralis for the first time with stewie in the first series with stewie, lost 40 times with taco > sees them falling. GG
NiP flusha
why would flusha join nip when hes literally the star player of c9 and in game leader? hes getting his shine and payed good.
cloud9 kick rush pls
rush lost them the game , so many times he died first and gave up site... But yea shouldnt be talk of kicking.. what if he plays great this map? then he just top fragged on two maps, even if he plays ...
rush lost them the game
taco was worse than nitro at fragging. Atleast now they have a guy who can frag. Mibr will be sad. First time i saw stew used right. Aggressive and awping.
his b holds on overpass where better imo, he was getting nutty flicks
people hate on stew yes. But he is a very good player. Taco doesnt have nearly the skill he showed today, And thats what liquid needed was that extra firepower, The pretty much dominated astralis in t...
when he is able to awp/rifle/ play his spots hes good, now liquid has 5 really talented players, if they would of had taco... they would of lost this series. Stew made some huge 2k/3k kills
because if they check glaives shit and find something, CS GO is done... imagine all that money and tournaments they won... it would kill the integrity of the game