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Poland no scene
well i think they have the most t2-3 teams alltogether right now per country and that really only happenend over half year when both pride and ago suddenly started to get better.
Forgotten HLTV memes
you cant eat forest so easy like that with 4 HP
*OFFICIAL* Europe Countries By Tier 1-6
hungary greece and poland in same tier as austria xd anyway, Iceland is definitly Tier 1, debatable Tier2 due to living envrioment
Life is pointless
even if im not sure if its just a troll, If you need any help or someone to talk to, feel free to msg.
actually good music rating thread
the contortionist -ebb and flow
rain gf WTF?!
shes attractive enough to do so and its a vital part of her life / job ?
Best bananas
why is weed legal?
minister becomes drug representative and is as far antidrugs as you could be, backed with proven wrong statements.
ENCE vs mousesports
ence is playing really well
Suggest me a name for a baby
Karl Gustav Hans-Peter
have you seen the game vs south korea? individually they were good if they had enough space for action but they were downright fucking horrible in every other aspect, their chances vs SK were literall...
i guess your faceit level
Age: 23 Favorite Pistol: glock, im rly good with it Hours ingame: around 4k Favorite spot to hold on B cache: minipit / default / close to box in b main Virgin yes/no: no
Maj3r crying like a baby after a loss lmfao
well you replied allready :^)
Maj3r crying like a baby after a loss lmfao
implying superior europe didnt do this hundreds of years ago to your oogaa boogaa jungle ancestors
I rate your future
i dont like boats and open sea so nope