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G2 vs Liquid
what a retake damn, traded down perfectly
PRO ''league''
EPL has no online league anymore, they changed to format to offline only in s9?
Thorin LOL
g2 home turf i bet they'll bomb out in groups in the next two tourney they attend - if not, good for them, maybe they can be a great team again.
Rip mibr
Rip mibr
-guardian +fallen, rest back to jungle
kArrIgAn wAs tHe prOblem!!!!!
yeah it was always like this in GO so far, they get figured out after 5-8 months or so and then results start to drop
French crowd....
atleast the region is nice to look at in the waiting screen drone flight. better than depressing poland and or downtown north american cities.
cut potatoe in really thin slices, season, put in microwave for 3-6 minutes depending on power, you're good to go - a snack even the average hltv user is able to make.
weed should be legal ?
it would definitly open up a whole new agricultural sector, more tax money etc pp, which could really let some smaller not so developed countries flourish (marroko, spain?). on the other hand i know ...
Liquid vs HellRaisers
holy shit oskar
Longest word in your language
its actually not that difficult to speak out loud
Longest word in your language
real-estate infrastructure approval responsibility transfer regulation infrastructure isnt actually the correct translation, but i simply dont know how to do it better nor do i think theres a way to t...
Woxic is so underrated
hes good but not as consistent , often enough hes also absolutely useless while the ones you mentioned pretty much carry/topfrag almost every game
eSuba vs Gravity
ez for paradox