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he saw shadow at flipside box i mean its fucking obvious that they are cheating but this one seems to be the least suspect from the ones posted inhere lmao
NoFap = less acne! - my story
masturbate daily, never had acne and i get single pimple around my body maybe once a moth, debunked sorry
Remove Kebab
REMOVE KEBAB remove kebab you are worst turk. you are the turk idiot you are the turk smell. return to croatioa. to our croatia cousins you may come our contry. you may live in the zoo....ahahahaha ,b...
f0rest config 2017 ?
in a crooked little town they were lost and never found
SK will come back
meh watch the game i mean fer and felps having 0 impact is kinda obvious on mirage right now but snappis calling is incredibly good, was on inf and now is on mirage also heroic is really sharp indiv...
Must have games
witcher 3 life is strange gta v stalker games, especially the first two modded so it isnt a bugfest / immerion mods
Jonathan E fortunately isnt pro-weeb
death to all weebs
I translate to Australian
kuhlimus not kangaroos
Who is the best caster?
ddk/james/tosspot/anders/moses/spunj/dazed/sado/henry/pansy idc honestly, as long as they have syngery with their partner its good which isnt the case for most casters casting from their home anymor...
steam games
its prolly the best game released since witcher 3, even if you did not play round basd rpgs before you may try it, very noob-friendly game
Best DJ to listen to playing CS
dude you need to get into trance, drum and bass, actual dubstep... t1 of djing, edm is boring as fuck, literally everything is the same... i often dm with this running: ...
Good music rating with explaination
i think yt once suggested them to me after listening to every time i die's new roman holiday on yt, i picked up what i could from a random blogpost in 320kbs and played through it for ages :D when i ...
Best DJ to listen to playing CS
3)diplo used to but be good but now more commercial so not really but still all time great with some good 1s lol
Disk space
uninstall your ac and retry with malwarebytes