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local lan legend JesusFistus
Forty Six and 2 vs Blight
if you dig the music read up on the band, you will have great fun. this video is also very very cool.
learning french
depends. ive come as far as being able to understand slow spoken russian within a few weeks of doing it daily while taking a shit at work. if you put in more time, might go better
Forty Six and 2 vs Blight
its about this: if you dont want to listen, tl;dr is basicly about the next step in human evolution, our DNA evolving etc. you can read up about it.
Cloud9 EU
they had it allready yesterday.
Funniest cs names
machine once pointed out the simplicity in freddieb's name freddie buö) and that he at that time played most of the b anker positions.
Do some people matter more than others?
i think the same but with anime
Do some people matter more than others?
in tems of humanity - no in terms of social structures - yes.
Steel Salty
i dont agree, steel on the broadcast said it in the most neutral way possible to be honest.
Steel Salty
i think its blown out of proportion, maybe he worded himself a little too agressive but he provided a a valid example and explained himself about it, idk i found the stuff thorin said in the col-heroi...
compLexity vs G2
not in a normal sentence but doing a >mfw-esque joke spoken out loud.
compLexity vs G2
did someone from them really just say my face when
i like them because i think they're kind of goofy in many aspects. emotionless in their face but funny with their boldness at the same time, known for doing the most stupid shit while being drunk as f...
What game to buy
if you can enjoy adventure games, Life is Strange. Hands down one of the best games ive ever played in terms of the story and the usage of special functions. Its only like 7$ on g2a i think. You will ...
Best Rap Album ever
prolly Illmatic or as OP said Liquid Swords.