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EU country rank
well what is cosidered good or bad here?
EU country rank
how can you put iceland at 11? 0% crime rate, no or incredibly few refugees, beautiful country itself, the only downside i can imagine is if you have to live off tourism and its dead in winter.
best white rappers atm
not really, as i said you have to dig. there are many many great artists doing shit with less than 10k views everyday.
best white rappers atm
you gotta know where to dig and you'll find new stuff you will like too.
best white rappers atm
Tits and pus*y in your language??
NaVi actually looking really good!
simple dies as entry, navi throws round, next round rebuy, simple 3-4k, navi win, nv eco is fucked meh. simple outshining everybody on the server
its more round though
Players that have potential to be the best in the world
bodyy is slowly becoming the player NBK used to be in early csgo/source, hes not gonna be the next coldzera but rather the guy you want on your team simply because hes stable and good
iPhone user LMAOOOOOO
im not gonna do it anytime soon except i get an offer from my mobile provider, my 7 is working like a charm.
iPhone user LMAOOOOOO
i've owned a 5s, a 6 and now a 7 and soon prolly a 8 and it never froze, crashed, anything. funny enough ive said this to a friend while he tried to show me a picture on his rooted android phone whic...
Weed vs alcohol
alcohol with food or in general in social situations is "great" however I've became distant of just trying to get as fucked up as possible, i dont see a point in it anymore. weed is way better, espec...
kebab price in your country?
need an guten kebaphawara, always get special price. 2,5 € for veggie kebap, 2,7€ for normal one, 3€ for dürüm dont eat downtown
your voice?
thats me actually, nais bait