shooting rockets since quakeworld.....
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Gay Pro-Players
didnt davey come out recently?
No scene countries
meh i could care less, atleast im not 3rd world unlike op
HLTV rankings updated
faze having a group stage exit while gambit wins the biggest tourney of the year and they are still behind them g2 #5 after achieveing nothing ok
Rouge CeRq
Brasil vem aqui
lucked through groups lucked through playoffs most undeserved run ever, should have gone out at qualifier cry is free
immortals banana control
<insert monkey joke here>
come back calling me poor when you moved out of your treehouse, thanks
something something clean toilets
Forget Krakow
gambit deserves it for 3-0 and beating astralis in a bo3, something many teams struggle with imt however dont, idiots nearly losing to big, barely make it out of groups, drawing a tired and old vp o...
Top European cities
vienna, barcelona, munich, antwerpen, brügge, kopenhagen.... ? instead of you list all the slavic cities, whats so pretty about belgrad or bratislava lmao whats 11th, cluj-napoca? lmao
Hobbit lost them cbble
immortals time and time again have shown they have 0 ct sides on cbble if their enemy gets rolling, pistol win for gambit and game is all open again, especially on t side iirc they even threw a 12-3...
Why imt and gambit ARENT LUCKY
making playoffs vs flipside and navi while getting raped by sk and in playoffs meeting big and VP (which had home advantage in the arena, if thats even possible in cs... but some people get pumped up ...
If gambit beats astralis
4Head HELLO NAVI? :telephone_receiver: 4Head ZEUS HERE :telephone_receiver: 4Head HOME YET? :telephone_receiver: 4Head
Nofap cringe
about stupid unbelievable stuff... chemtrails lightbeings reptilians etc
Nofap cringe
for the germans