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ENCE vs Royal Bandits
happens, should only be worried if they lose the 2nd map, thats a team they shouldnt lose against right now.
Stewie2k cantonese
tyloo soon
best fragging igl
glaive and gob b (he had very good tournaments individually for the last few months and very good calls)
watching majors since 2015 got nothing lololol
ive got one every (most of the time multiple.. but never early, only in later stages of tourney) single major so far except for krakow. I've gotten 2 cbble packs (cant remember, sold them) in a row o...
fnatic vs HellRaisers
wtf is hr doing they have so many good entries and then completly throw it away lol
Richard Lewis admits to hookers
maybe give the RL show a try then. not neccesarily csgo topics all the time.
Richard Lewis admits to hookers
I dont think he's ever done that. Hence why hes such a controversial person, says what he thinks even if its the closet opinion often
Astralis vs MIBR
just posting to be a part of this historic event
BIG carried by UK
that was actually one of the sickest rounds ive ever seen lol. looked like he just roflstompd some mm players
Butcholzzzz system
wouldnt neccesarily point to the system. Favorites have been getting rekt in r1, you cant really prepare scenarios like this for this system. I still like Swiss more than gsl. people just dont like to...
Tyloo "Technical" PAUZE
you cant talk nor chat during technical pauses iirc
tyloo are playing really good, regardless of how good mibr is supposed to be
Your salary?
37k with 14 monthly salaries, i build car plants
PALA (interviewer) is retard
its the constant notorious picking, actively trying to make a joke out of everything said by him or the players which is incredibly fucking annoying imo, he's pretty unique with it though so i guess p...
Spirit vs TYLOO
not sure whos worse, tyloo losing vs glocks or spirit pushing the banana smoke at literally every possible occasion xd