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mouz -styko +karrigan
im actually quite sure nV will be dark horse in NA minor. or they shit the bad, as expected.
ENCE vs Windigo
do u really think they would throw for a few $$$ when they can get 50k+ from stickers lol
Danish SK?²
interesting idea
-ngin +awper
he does speak turkish and has played a fair bit for RNG, prolly best available fit right now
-ngin +awper
didnt majer say they are playing with yam as awper now? obv i dont think hes as good as any top20 awper, but they havent played officially with him yet so who knows..
ELECTRO MUSIC?! https...
Forcing Men to put down the toilet seat is sexist.
congrats thats the most stupid thing ive read on hltv so far this year
Forcing Men to put down the toilet seat is sexist.
could care less, man you're just peeing, does it really matter that much to you if you sit down? I'd love to have the problems you've got.
Your favorite song
i didnt ask you to rate them did i, thanks
FaZe huNter
The 28-year-old, who first made waves in the Counter-Strike scene when he led k23 to a runner-up finish at WCG 2005. its literally in the news where they confirm his signing. (and hes the oldest, gua...
unknown vs ClaqueT
fair enough i use the filters for matches - as i said, no bad blood. i think its actually good that they get that kind of exposure.