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subway in france
its easy to analyze people. you prolly know certain pronounciations/words from other languages and also by the speed of the spoken language you can fairly guess, especially if you live in city. Lets s...
Will csgo die?
i think the game is at a point where there's no real more major gameplay changes neccesary anymore, fix a few things and leave it to the community. its gonna atleast last 3-5 years before LANs will st...
people will remember him for his all time highs / prime, not for his lowlights.
top player on faceit in our country is actually refugee xd
Black Ops 4
eventually the will switch to f2p with money or grinding tbh
the best song of the decade
listen to this instead of
Fav Metal Band?
Opeth, The Contortionist, From Autumn to Ashes, Caliban, HSB, Young Mountain (the band) also Edge of Sanity and Behemoth's The Satanist. (personally my fav...
Deep songs
slipknot metal
what kind of argument is that? not everything is downright obvious and often enough musicians have a specific way/theme to interpret the stuff they write while not making it too obvious that everyone ...
isnt multiaccing a reason for getting yourself banned sitewide on faceit
slipknot metal
was meant before the guy also, theres much more to explore if you want to dig deep. song+idea behind it gives just an plain space for more
slipknot metal
i second this, but you need to certain state of mind to understand the "deeper" meaning of their music, especially the entire Lateralus album. watch this: a...
slipknot metal
their first two albums are fantastic, and the third one also has some gems. its kinda difficult if you didnt knew them growing up i feel, i always get nostalgic listening to them about my youth and wh...
fucked up my sleep schedule so much that its slowly getting back to normal waking up at 7 am sucks on weekends when i dont need to get up though. regardless when i go to bed :/
gaming keyboards
quality, support, style, branding, ability for modifications, style of the keyboard. 104, 80%, 60%, 75%, hell there are even 40% keyboards, the ability to program them yourself, for like, if you want ...