shooting rockets since quakeworld.....
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i disagree, the story for once actually had a few points where i was "shocked" that stuff happenend because it wasnt predictable at all - attachment to the characters is incredible for this game imo. ...
ronaldo to jail?
and poland is the shithole where the people living in the favela of europe are shitting into. i'll enjoy my ban, bye.
Getting my 1st tattoo soon
i may sound retarded but how is weight or muscle gain / loss affecting a tattoo? its seriously something thats been on my mind since day1 lel i am considering a (half maybe) sleeve since ages, but ne...
juliano not sexiest pro?
shifty ez
that was honestly the sickest thing i've ever seen, besides walle vs pentagram in 1.6 maybe. the I N C R E D I B L E balls to simply not reload his ak with 3 bullets left.
tabseN fat now
just look at the twitter header he has and then on the pic lmao
RandomRambo WTF
i dont really want to defend rambo, but a) getting rid of "evidence" on short term notice would mean he would have had to burn his pc and melt it into a single brick of metal, b) you clearly under...
[pizza] create your life long pizza
implying there's allready mozarella and cheese on it.... jalapenos kebap meat red onions dunno, maybe black olives, idc tbh spinach and broccoli pizza is also actually quite good, btw, was kinda sup...
rightlclick on graphic somewhere "csgofast" mark everything with name in it edit: loads of blank space on adblock, though "add element to filter" blocked, but if you click into the banner it stil...
I rate your Keyboard
na i rather meant i still sign it but it gets through customs without me ending up paying taxes for it because it isnt checked for some reason
I rate your Keyboard
<250$ ordered from the us is ~23€ in import taxes often enough they dont check it and DHL just drops it at my doorstep though
I rate your Keyboard
meh on a keyboard nerd rating scale it would be a 3.5 maybe tbh there so much cooler stuff out there that i want, DSA keycaps, GMK, SA... stuff like this or some of th...
I rate your Keyboard
the TKL code is, but i dont use it since a) i dont use it right now b) it looks shit with the keycap set i have
I rate your Keyboard
fidget spinner
I rate your Keyboard
weaponized autism