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Valve's reaction after reading this
Because there has been so many Open Letters, closed letters, petitions and Vlave ignores it
Valve's reaction after reading this
not happening
is it just me or
Nitr0 is the best player on cbble.
Predictions for today's major qualifier matches
doubt it...people actually have demos now and they blew their cover when they beat LG
TSM just9n
Pathetic period for CS:GO
I think its a great time period. Diversity is good for any sport...Just think if Fnatic won majors for 2 years in a row and every boring would that be?
Dan M
The taco vid is best vid...clearly hacking
ESL LAN final with 150k viewers cuz of favelas ?
This wasn't a major....plain and simple. Also Na'Vi wasnt there and Olof wasnt there. I bet if it was LG vs Fnatic probably would have gotten higher viewership.
They probably havent even been playing inferno as its now out of the map pool. I think this is the last tournament without Inferno :<
Most underrated players
No, i dont understand the hype around shroud on reddit and maybe its like 2 out of 20 threads on the csgo front page...but every 2 threads here is flaming or a witchhunt for cheaters. Just saying i us...
This site is def. worse than reddit in terms of a forum. I just come here usually for the matches and news
Death threaths towards a streamer
You shouldn't even be allowed to stream until your 18 honestly. Kids this day n age are way to sensitive
is flusha cheating?
sigh you peopel