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16:9 crosshair size is different to 4:3
Not saying no body knew this I'm just trying to give out information, people might not know the exact values of the difference, I couldn't find anywhere that stated the values until I tested it for my...
16:9 or 4:3
16:9 > 4:3 end of story, preference or no preference, I'll take my extra 25% field of view anyday, anyone whose played Quake before knows this is a huge advantage.
ScreaM & shox back to IME 3.0
Titan isn't sponsored by Razer, VG was, cYpheR, shox and ScreaM are using WMO 1.1a/IME 3.0 now.
ScreaM & shox back to IME 3.0
How so? Do you know what new mouse come with these days? Most come with prediction, mouse smoothing (usually mice that go upto high dpi's magnifying the lens, which effects all dpi's regardless of set...
ScreaM & shox back to IME 3.0
Umm they've had cypher and the dota team for a while now, I think they'd have one by now if they did... Why do you think cYpheR is still using his WMO... and a QcK+ Heavy???
ScreaM & shox back to IME 3.0
they have no ties to gaming mouse/pad products that's why cypher is using a WMO 1.1a and ScreaM is using his IME 3.0 again
ScreaM & shox back to IME 3.0
TaZ still using his to XD
ScreaM & shox back to IME 3.0
Nope ScreaM said on his stream the other night that he's using the IME 3.0, you can tell aswell because when he tried to turn around fast he hit the malfunction speed.
ScreaM & shox back to IME 3.0
Makes you wonder why Microsoft discontinued the WMO/IME, still the best mouse for 400 dpi, that's why cYpheR from Titans is still using 1 and ScreaM and shox have gone back to it.
What pro's are using 16:9 resolutions?
I didn't ask for your opinion.
Summit making like 2k in 10 minutes
Its his job I hardly see how it could kill his marriage, if anything would kill his marriage it would be the fact that he doesn't want to have kids and she does which he has spoken about on stream man...
cArn > f0rest and GeT_RighT DH2013?
Lol cArn didn't let any of fnatic have any sugar/energy drinks until they versed NiP in the final, he's a smart leader, that would of made a huge difference. Look how burnt out NiP looked compared ...
Pro's that use cl_righthand 0
Not really most of the top players use cl_righthand 1, I prefer cl_righthand 0 though because I'm right eye dominant and it frees up the right side of my screen and helps me focus more on my crosshair...
Who says the Deagle is a shit gun?
Huge, dat der 3k at the end.
Valve Match Making idea
100 hours played to obtain a rank, this gives overwatch time to ban the player before they even make it to 100.