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Pronax statement
True story. If Fnatic wins, they hack. If they loose, they played first time in history clean and jerk st suck without cheats. If they use an unknown boost, they are unfair (eventhough that boost is r...
Flusha blatant Wallhack in ESL Cologne
Normal situation considered cheating by a ridicolous community that is destroying several players reputation just to get some attention to their own f****d up lifes. Even more sad is, that a large ...
That's how you lock an aim
Same as with flusha, eventhough there are quite a few of his scenes, it's all speculating without hard proof. These guys are playing for years and know the maps by heart. They all can follow a player ...
100% Anti-cheat system
Wow, what a well considered idea! What's next, taking random picturesfrom the screen?
natural mouse movement
Ridiculous community.
Nille VAC ban - No help at all
Won't happen, for a good reason.
kennyS VAC BAN!
Find proof, not evidence.
Wise words dude, thank you that finally someone the first useful post here since days.
So I see flusha aiming at the window which is a normal point to aim at when defending that spot. Stop making every little shit look like it was cheated. Use your brains guys, please!
NEW flusha vid
Check enough demo's of ANY player out there and you will find such actions for everyone. And one scene from a whole match is nowadays "proof" for someone cheating? This community is currently doing...
NEW flusha vid
Thank you! Finally someone who see's how ridicolous all these accusations are.
NEW flusha vid
Actually that are the standard angles to aim to from that position. Nothing special at all. It's so sad and annoying that everyone thinks he is a pro in demo analysis these days and with all this h...
Finally, a team.
They should call themselves "The VACationers" :)
poor scream..
Of course there are no Epsilon stickers, they are disqualified :)