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im german, im cheating
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Turks attacking Americans!
Please go ahead!!!! So it gives such a bad light to all of you inbreds in germany. Please scream "allahu akbar" afterwards.
Turks attacking Americans!
But based on their behavior, they clearly seem to think the laws do not apply to them. The only law the muslims have to follow, is the sharia law. They will never accept the fact that theres a law...
Turks attacking Americans!
even more then 3. every 2nd city in germany is turkish. so theyre more a part of europe the you want
sad part is, more then 60% of the turkroaches living here in germistan voted for him, but will never move back :DD
Most f*** up movie you've ever seen?
bambi man, dont forget about that one
Most f*** up movie you've ever seen?
damn i laughed harder then i wanted about that
SK is a german organization, yes. the team isnt german.
Favorite Alcohol?
7-1 you monkey
Pls man. Get over that shit. (Pun not intended) And you really gotta start dealing, or not caring about the stuff ppl talk about you. Im german and everything i hear when i reveal i am, atleast in ...
Trying Weed for first time
so beautiful that i could ride with my bike to alot of coffeeshops in nl in under 45 minutes :D
Say your country and ill draw what comes to my mind about it
youre fakeflagging aint you ? noone beside germans themselves wouldnt paint hitler or hitlerish stuff. anyways, great work man!
Admins deleting Belgiun threads?
Actually i think they do. But they only think about how to get more money and power, imo.
fuck man, thats a nice piece of bodyart!
start streaming -> profit
apex aimlock
youre not 100% sure, but 1337% fun hhhahahha