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Underrated Car Brands
Thefuck 250k km isnt even much yet. Or obviously for a worthless piece of shit like renault it is quite much lol xD
Underrated Car Brands
And pigs fly
Underrated Car Brands
How can french garbage be underrated? Overrated if anything.
fnatic 0-3?
I also considered fnatic at a point but decided to go with C9 because I think they're very strong now.. We'll see if they can make it.
Indeed xD
ZywOo on lan
Ence pickers come here
I went with C9, I thought it was the best pick for it and I aint settling for just the 7 right I want em all xD
Gla1ve was actually using a radar bug
For example in those videos above clearly none of the smokes were actually dissipating and nothing in there related to radar.
Gla1ve was actually using a radar bug
Something you dont understand here? None of those smoke kills were related to bugs or update.
Gla1ve was actually using a radar bug
Luck, or just the fact that they spam the smokes more than anyone so it happens to them more than anyone. Simple, isnt it? None of those videos have anything to do with smoke bugs. Its just luck and l...
Gla1ve was actually using a radar bug
You just rekt yourself because you're totally missing the point. Those smoke kills have literally nothing to do with the bug we're talking about. What you see there is called "learning angles". Maybe...
shrood 150k viewers
Ppl watch him for his skills I think. In pubg literally better than anyone that plays it "professionally". Seems to be pretty sick in apex too.
shrood 150k viewers
Boring streamer but still the most popular in twitch I think.. Hmm
3-0 pickem
I'm actually pretty sure C9 is going to be one of them.
apex legends might actually end csgo
Yep, literally the definition of a non-competitive game mode. Csgo has no worries here.