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France come here if you're alive
pretty sure real socialists hate him (macron isnt a socialist), ur brainwashed & so polarized that you blame all on socialism
anyone waiting for the beginning of the ufc fight?!
ez joanna & ortega
Khabib Nurmagomedov - Undisputed (UFC)
blocked in sweden, gj
hey swedes
itt: both danes and swedes vouching for norway
Slept on my hand
did u touch ur penis with it ?
hey swedes
i'd only move to stockholm, one of the best IT hubs in EU (göteborg is fine too). don't think the move process is hard cuz of EU. maybe ur corporation has some office in sweden ? btw i know a lot of ...
Nazi Indians (enough internet for today)
i had a christian arab in my class who loved hitler (he was not a nazi)
doubt anyone would sign him
Scammer interview
yeah except all this muricans who've made war in several countries, killed hundreds of thousands for some oil. or countries such as sweden who helped saudi to kill thousands of innocent ppl cuz of nic...
uncensored on vimeo, no homo btw
French come here
lol didnt all leftists praise him as some the saviour of france during election. mby they realized that he's a former investment banker and prioritizes rich ppl
Survey E-sport sponsors (giveaway)
sorry don't like södertörn
your ringtone back in 2000s
had this on my first own phone ...
Swedes come here
why not ? sd is a typical working class party
Swedes come here
i had a classmate in high school (50% immigrants) who was openly SD supporter and no one gave a fook. angry feminists will probably scream at you and possibly some afghans, not sure how the afghans ar...