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Flusha Convicted of Tax Fraud
he went pro like 2013, so he prolly didn't pay taxes for 3 years or so xDD but csgo prizepools got rly big in 2015 so that's when the tax authorities prolly suspected the big sums. surprised they didn...
rappers love donald trump??
real recognize real
lmao i know several recent graduates from 5year CS programs from swedish target school. GOOD salary in stockholm is maybe $45k (average less), and stockholm probably top10-15 in EU regarding software ...
so he probably has a reason for a lockdown this time? it doesn't matter tho, they'll blame him whatever what he does
and you all trash talked him when he actually applied similar model to sweden's at the beginning of the covid outbreak, which eventually made him concede and lockdown whole UK. everyone's a foking hyp...
of course, sweden's GDP is largely dependent on export. the incentive for the soft covid restrictions was not to minimise the short term GDP fall. still too early to judge who handled it best, but exp...
ya but entry level salary for a software engineer is like $100k in US, while it's $30k best case in EU
Khabib post
expected from Khabib also, Khamzat Chimaev is apparently on swedish watchlist since he has showed sympathy towards Daesh
I understand that point, but realistically who would even be close to win vs Khabib in the nearest future? Maybe he doesn't deserve GOAT status coz of that, but it's silly to discard him from discussi...
Jon Jones barely won (arguably lost some of them) vs Thiago Santos, Gustafsson, Reyes. Khabib has literally smeshed everyone except Tibau. Big difference
recommend me MMOs
tibia mens
Khabib not GOAT
he's definitely a GOAT contender, he's totally cleaned the division in a super dominant manner. he has lost like 2-3 rounds (conor, tibau) in 10+ ufc fights. cant argue with that. he'd easily win his...