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University Outdated?
that's why i love math courses, just gotta learn on your own and show up on the exam day. no foking obligatory labs or shit
Brazil major bad idea
do ppl even travel internationally for CS events? i thought it was always domnestic audience
“Khabib Is Boring To Watch”
usually don't like pure wrestlers like askren, but khabib has his unique style and is actually rly fun to watch
Albanians in new York
where's martin shkreli?
Being white
sure, everyone treats u like a god in asia/africa etcetc. a lot of privileges of being white but i dont feel pride in being white lol. that's just weird. i understand being nationalistic but being pr...
pretty sure she's against nuclear energy. believing in climate change and being anti nuclear energy is actually contradictory in current circumstances i believe bill gates agrees with me, gonna watc...
graham potter absolute genius
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
Did you like HighSchool?
yeah, it was like a playground for teenagers. was pretty fun
MATHS how to get good at it?
stop going to lectures, you'll most likely find way better content on youtube (just search) and you'll do it in your tempo. never continue until you understand what you've watched, you can't do that i...
that just looks like widows peak, or thats a really weird balding pattern i started balding at 15/16 btw
pharsyde vs TheDice
slinger (if it's the same as in 1.6) also cheated back in 1.6 in 1v1 tournaments to win mousepads. doesn't rly help his case, dno if he's still cheating
Maths memes!
Solve this: 230 - 220 x 0.5 The answer is actually 5! Did you get it right?
I am in similar situation to you. I agree that uni will most likely help, since software engineering is much more than just writing code like a monkey But if you have a clear study plan, self-study i...
Jordan Peterson Checking Himself Into Rehab
If I were to be a mentally instable person, I'd like to get help from someone who's never been instable (such as me). Unless Peterson acknowledges he's done mistakes and knows how to prevent from ha...