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FaZe vs BIG
Your start was very interesting until betting part. Seems like, you dont like Fnatic, because of their play style or team chemestry, you like fnatic because they win and make some couple of bucks in y...
NBK Options
NBK options? Suddenly none, just join w happy and build with some ex french players. NBK, Happy, Ex6, and dunno about the last two. But atm in top events seems like hes done. Don't be ridiculous he ...
Spirit vs Espada
cheaters replace cheaters good stuff =DDD
GoSu vs SkitLite
stovve is back.
NiP vs Space Soldiers
Okay, might be ul match but c`mon. That was prob until now at this year one of most important game to their. I just don`t know why their didn`t try to play overpass, because in my opinion that would`v...
NiP vs Space Soldiers
NiP destroyed my bet [*] almost from 5 euro to 35. Didn`t expected that they will choke to this one of important match nowdays in their life. heh.
fnatic Academy vs Binary Dragons
sure. XDDDDD
fnatic Academy vs Binary Dragons
I bet on over 2.5 maps and i guess i lost... oh well.
Space Soldiers vs MK
Nah, that was Spyleader + now there was conflict between spyleader and nkl.
Jkaem team
for me Krii / Flarich prob.
Jkaem team
Jkaem team
Jkaem team
Jkaem Maikelele Fox Rubino and info is that prob 5th to add is Pita, but hope that`s not true.
Alright, gl. :)
wth bro, that doesn`t makes sense. He mean why Jkaem not Scream, but i guess #3 is answer.