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Astralis should DISBAND
nice try buddy :)
Astralis should DISBAND
being from france killing your self pick one
Astralis should DISBAND
thinking that matcmaking is a valuable way to determine skill level not being lvl 10 on faceit in 2019 pick one
Astralis should DISBAND
ah crap you got me
Astralis should DISBAND
where do you see that?
Astralis should DISBAND
my guess is that you have played csgo for 900 hours and you're gold nova 3 i dont know why, i just felt like saying that :)
Danish bias
No, hltv looks at the statistics and ranks the players accordingly, just like they have done since 2010. Anyone with a brain, can look at the statistics and see that s1mple deserved the top1 spot,
Danish bias
Yes, thank god you are not danish
Your birthday
19/02/99 here :) February is LIFE! btw im half Mozambican, so my father speaks Portuguese h3h3
device #1
Most people think s1mple is the #1 player over device, it's probally some where around 70/30 in s1mple's favour. Why care so much about the 30% who think device is #1?
socialism won today
Hey! We are suppose to be scandinavian buddies man, Norwegian brother!
socialism won today
go to the happiest country in the world; Denmark
Coldzera Drinking??
Niko > dev1ce
He implied that device's top2 spot is less credible because he didn't show up in the top10/20 plays video. Which i think is silly, thats why i used s1mple as example :)
would u rather
this is a monkaTOS thread