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Find your birthday twin!
17th October go go
Find your birthday twin!
17th here :D
DAMN bein brazilian is a adventure.... just got robbed after mayonnaise fight
Brazil is not a 3rd world country
MGK vs Eminem
It is easier to diss eminem since everyone knows his music, dissing MGK is much harder since he does not have the same popularity as eminem, and i think MGK lacked creativity, he basically just listed...
MGK booed
Jesus, that is a horrible live performance
haha, that was the line i just pointed out before. And he ain't dissing diddy on the other one, he just mentions him.
Besides from the outro tell me where. U need to give some evidence before u talk.
"But this idiot's boss pops pills and tells him he's got skills But Kells, the day you put out a hit's the day Diddy admits That he put the hit out that got Pac killed, ah" This is the only thing he ...
u really are dumb as fuck, he has 3 bars dedicated to diddy. You can have ur opinion i do not give a shit, but stop talking bullshit.
To be honest, MGK did take the right angle. MGK cant beat eminem lyrically, he knows that, and some of the punchlines are very corny, but talking facts about how eminem tried to stop his carrer was th...
Nah, MGK does have some songs with over 100m views
Kanye west GOAT?
shitty rapper, good producer and artist
New eminem album?
His pen game is just on another level. Hooks on this album is better but still not great, but the verses are crazy. it is a 7,5/10 for me. The worst songs for me is "Kamikaze" "nice guy" the rest has...
Faceit level 10 soloq
i got 1.77 kd and level 10, but i agree soloq can be a pain in the arse
gym lifestyle
i don't think u on steoroids, but u did not acheive that in 6 months, without having worked out before...