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GOD Does Exist
Sorry about that :( I don't think there is any simple explanation out there, it's just pure mathematical probability
GOD Does Exist
Beckenstein / hawkings formula on black hole entropia applied to the unisverse. http://slac.stanford.edu/cgi-wrap/getdoc/slac-pub-4061.pdf
GOD Does Exist
Actually laws of physics only describe what the nature appears to be, it's a part of the nature itself.
GOD Does Exist
The probability that "something" create a sangularity that creates what we know as the universe is 10^10^123 (no kappa) This number comes from beckenstein/hawkings formula about black hole entropi...
AGDQ 2016
Blablabla my mom died from cancer blablabla médecin sans frontière best org eu blablabla ads blablablabla setup blablablabla finally a speedrun more blablablabla so we can't enjoy the run... ESA > ...
Shit you still laugh about?
You raff you rose https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1R8Rx2db9c&feature=share
CS Source took MORE skill than csgo
Potti, Heaton, moto...
n0thing cry baby
"There's nothing wrong with leveling valid criticism in the open, the problem is that people want to find any reason they can to complain about a professional player or their attitude(the hypocrisy of...
n0thing cry baby
"FaceIt/ESL/ESWC have all made improvements due to harsh feedback like this. I do agree though, that twitter is not always a healthy place for such feedback." My 2 cent It is indeed not the ri...
Best European countries to visit?
I love the Carpathian mountains and the black sea coast. For finland, i've only stayed in lapland and it was beautiful, swimming in a lake with only trees around and a midnight sun is one of my most u...
Best European countries to visit?
My top 3 for hiking : Iceland Norway Switzerland My top 3 for partying : Berlin Berlin Berlin My top 3 for sunbathing : Greece Portugal Croatia My top 3 for the scenery : ...
18.37 million vs 250K
Correct me if i'm wrong, but esport Keys in 2013 was supposed to raise money for DHW13...
henryg to majors?
Did you ever watch a MR9 or even a MR12 ? You should.
henryg to majors?
You know that at some point of the CS history, some tournaments (CAL if i remember right) had weird format like MR9 with 10K/16K starting money. So no it's not that dumb of an idea...
Are you oldschool?
P0D BOTS ! Good old time, 3DFX voodoo II 16mb (some had them in SLI) 99.9 fps. cl_cmdrate 101 cl_updaterate 101, rate 100000. No winning about tick 128 just rekting people on WON servers...