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USA best at soccer??
Yea, they are the best at soccer. Because rest of the world plays football xD
You can check out Wasteland2. It should be something like Fallout 1/2 but more modern and also made by the producer of the original Fallout. Planned to play it myself but still havent.
Really russian dreamteam
-wayLander +mir or even +seized
zowie fk2 sensor fkd
Try to google smth like "Zowie FK change lift off distance". Can be helpfull I think
Top 3 Players from your country
flamie dosia x god seized
russia(?) pls translate
You're welcome.
russia(?) pls translate
1. a wish 2. to rust (getting rust) 3. seventeen (17) 4. dawn 5. oven - noun, to bake - verb 6. nine (9) 7. benign (?) 8. homecoming 9. one (1) 10. truck (freight car)
Russian back to your jungle :D ?
1. We dont have jungle really 2. Who the fuck cares?
Russian hooligans
I'm only wondering if this really about football?! More like people just finding a reason to fight. And this happening in 2016. And not only with russian 'fans' but also with 'fans' of other countries...
s1mple to ?
I'd like him to join mousesports instead of denis or spiidi. But 2 starplayers in one team can be non-productive. vs mousesports
-dennis +s1mple
Natus Vincere vs GODSENT
ty sir
Upsides of 120hz(144) Monitor
Its not a huge advantage but CS looks sooo damn good on 144gz monitor.
If NIP vs Na'Vi will go into 3 maps, Guardian will surely make more sniper kills then KennyS in semis and final. It seeems like nV are not using kennyS's awp much recently
spodermons celebrity or whatever you want
Can you make Harrison Ford in a Hotdog Costume? :D