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Your salary in €?
Age: 37 Profession: Personal coach for people who have severe injuries (I have had pretty severe injuries) and coaching circus, martial arts, gymnastics. Income: 0 now because all the places are close...
Yeah you guys have had it pretty rough out there for quite some time, starting from the 2008 economic crash. Day at a time, just look out for each other.
I don't mean it like yeah come to Finland, we have free healthcare. I was diagnosed when I was only 8 years old. My mom noticed that I just slept every day, and at 8 you're supposed to be all excited ...
In a way love my country. I have been taken care of, I suffer from _severe_ depression and I have always gotten help. Free healthcare and Finns are, surprised or not, actually really nice people. But...
Faze fans are the worst
I find it disappointing that these threads keep popping up. Of course I understand being a fan, it's a big part of following sports and esports. But eventually it comes down to good CS, what we all l...
Finland come here
Yeah when there is no success the interest drops, but it's still pretty big. My cousin pursued a career in rally but as a hobby it can be massively expensive, he then decided to become a mechanic. Ed...
Finland come here
It is very big here.
Dark Joke?
How do you know if your girlfriend is too young for you? If you gotta make that airplane sound to get your cock in her mouth.
Aleksib interview
Yeah that was sorta obvious, no need to explain him. The interview focused more on why with NBK- and why ISSAA and mantuu. I think valde is going to shine in a lineup like this, he is a great player.
Aleksib interview
Yes they are
Realistic OG thread
We'll just have to wait and see but instead of going full Kinguin/FaZe with "allstar players" I think OG (and Alexib and NBK-) have thought this thru. A player can perform so very different depending...
Finns = turks
Taidoton ymmärtäminen
Allu ENCE IGL ??
Allu ENCE IGL ??
3 days? After suNny went free agent, top20 in the world place, for 6 months. Why was there no news about suNny at all? Because allu promised him a place in ENCE. Not looking too good now is it?