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On T side definitely
Finns = turks
Taidoton ymmärtäminen
Allu ENCE IGL ??
Allu ENCE IGL ??
3 days? After suNny went free agent, top20 in the world place, for 6 months. Why was there no news about suNny at all? Because allu promised him a place in ENCE. Not looking too good now is it?
Coldzera where?
He is joining FaZe with alexib
Allu ENCE IGL ??
Kicked from NiP, kicked from FaZe. suNny went months silent just to score money with allu in ENCE. ENCE went major final beating Liquid in the semis, won Starladder, won BLAST destroying Astolis, and...
I will defend xseven, he plays a very tricky mixed role and he does it fantastic.
NiP allu kicked, FaZe allu kicked, Optic allu kicked. ENCE yeah allu!
Espiranto girlfriend rate
Top 3 best player of all time
I know this is under Global Offensive but "all time" I think refers to Counter-Strike as a game. All time, the entirety of Counter-Strike as a game, the top 3 are without a question f0rest, neo and G...
I really like tattoo art but I don't have ink myself. A friend of mine is a very good artist, if you're interested just google (image) Pete Sokura Tattoo.
Ence Sunny?
ENCE has a similar system to what mouz had back when allu played there, they were mixing the awping between Chris and allu depending on the map and on the side. ENCE has 2 entries, Aerial and xseven ...
Just cut my hair short
I started going bald very young so I've just "shaved" my head for years. Not with a razor but I have a hair trimmer which leaves like 1-2mm or so. Otherwise I don't mind at all going bald but the nuis...
Should children be allowed to be transsexuals?
Grasp what?
Should children be allowed to be transsexuals?
How does it not make sense? You saying "63 gender shit" just goes to show you have no fucking idea. Physiology is what makes you, mind included, who you are. It literally shapes who you are, it's no...