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1st Indian Event Scam, now cheater xd.
One scam event and forsaken has been known to cheat for years now. You have to remember they had India Gaming Carnival which set the standards to hosting major international events. Standards still i...
Am I the only one
How much do you drink? I had a month long boozecruise, around 30 beers a day. Then week 4 when you really don't get a good buzz with beer anymore I jugged a bottle of rum and woke up in the hospital.
Am I the only one
I just recently spent a week in the hospital due to alcohol poisoning. I have accepted my faith, not gonna last I recon.
Am I the only one
You spelled Wales wrong
ENCE vs Vega Squadron
Todellaki natun paljulla tavataan!
Your regrets in life?
My biggest regert is the very common one; Broke up with my gf and have regerted that ever since, over 10 years.
Your regrets in life?
It's a hard road too. I myself am an alcoholic and for me it's easier, I can just not booze but you gotta eat. I would have no fucking chance to control the booze if I had to consume it on daily basis...
Freddy Mercury
1. Freddie Mercury 2. Whitney Houston 3. Mike Patton I don't enjoy opera so there are tons of singers I've never heard so kinda outta my ass list but still, Freddie was literally one of a kind, as wa...
When have you ever fought for Finland? What have you ever done for Finland? You are ashamed to be Finnish then fuck out to Russia why don't you?
20yr old never had gf
Hahah report all you want. Idiotic question, straight up answer. Let's see how the reporting goes.
20yr old never had gf
The fuck kinda question is that? You think back in the 60's and 70's people had children at their 50's? He is 45 and his mother is 67 and his father is 71. In this part of the world people often live...
I agree, he went bonkers in the semis, when the team needed him to go bonkers, and has been fairly solid thruout the tournament. The final tho, it can change it. If sergej goes ham in the final and a...
LoL best esports by far
Best and popular rarely go together. DotA is of course _by far_ the best esports game, but LoL is super popular because most people are not good enough to play DotA.
Dads Job
He was very respected around Europe (he passed of cardiac arrest back in 2013), he worked as a consultant for many big companies and when some serious business was going on he got the job. Hussling a ...
Dads Job
My dad was a truck driver. What he earned fluxed quite a bit, he drove Norway for like 15 years, up and down, and as he gained respect as a driver (Norway can be very hard in the winter) he for a few ...