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On Religion
Regarding free will and gods supposed omni nature you could argue that he could choose NOT to know what would happen and choose NOT to intervene in Earthly affairs. That would make sense since he supp...
Top 5 Men ever lived
Hitler Stalin Pol Pot Hirohito Napoleon
Yoda was a minority
SZ absolute!
Always rooting for them and the korean boys, hopefully those scenes can develop more.
kiss a girl after BJ
This thread is full of closet homos that dont like pussy and try to cover up by calling actual pussy slayers beta nerds
Berlin - leftists vs nazis today
Sad thing when the nazis look much more civilized and likeable than the people protesting against them.
Why rap pooular???
Easy answer. Majority of people are too dumb or just dont care about music, they are just looking for a fun, uncompromising time. So they milk the market by making music that is easily assimilated by ...
Socialism in USA
Socialist aspects in the US began with the New Deal. The US may not have free healthcare but is one of the countries on Earth that spends most in welfare and public works. People are blind.
Sickest kill ever on bot?
Is this you?
poll: prodka or prokda
i just love hltv memeing, its just too cute
Bragantino vs DETONA
Football clubs taking over, wtf
Cheating in Speedrunning
I prefer glitcheless too, but sometimes glitches are hilarious.
Jonty fanfic
Wait, how did Jonty fly with a rope? If he could fly why did he need a rope in the first place? So many unanswered questions...
Cheating in Speedrunning
They are always great, always love the Zelda playthroughs. OK Jonty I dont think you are a baiter anymore ok?
Cheating in Speedrunning
AGDQ/SGDQ are great though I will give you that