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Run time per train increase by 4 but there are twice as many trains so 80s
Based on the algorithm, i think that each train is processed separately. So each train of 100 wagons takes 1/10 second to run. This means that for n = 100 wagons, the run time is 1/10 second. So i...
ska has two modes: bad SKADADDY there is never an in between for iowa farm boy tyler "skadoodle" "skadaddy" "the skins could not be traced" lathum
no shit sherlock thats what i said. look at original post
Current top Swedish teams: NiP (maybe decent don't know yet rly) fnatic (ehh they're all right) Godsent (LUL) Current top Danish teams: Astralis North Heroic
Lol no. Best countries: Brazil Denmark France CIS Sweden America
Binary Dragons vs Misfits
Well Misfits won't be at the fragadelphia next week or at DH Master Malmo and aren't in ESEA Premier which are the only things going on until the next season starts so it will apply to them. Top teams...
Binary Dragons vs Misfits
Yea rough results for misfits recently. Hope the player break helps them reset for the next season of epl and for ECS season 4 qualifiers
Romanian company in Poland >NA LUL
Phoenix vs Miami Flamingos
ohhh, bad move by him maybe. he was winning prize money in us so tourist visa doesn't work afaik... hope he gets visa, i like seeing what this team can do (with out stream sniper markE)
Immortals vs Cloud9
no, if g2 AND nv lose then the winner of this match is in a 3 way tie with the frenchies and could advance through tiebreakers
HellRaisers vs Misfits
ukraine is in cis region for major don't lie How many CIS team is top30? answer: NaVI lost to misfits llel Gambit: home of sex god and meme god zeus possibly top 1 team world HEllraisers? N...
Hyper vs Miami Flamingos
EZ for ESEA S24 Open Champs Miami Flamingos
Eclipse vs GlockWork
ACE what a player, what a picture +100
Just A Glimpse vs BiG MiSTAKE
But this is the last ub round 1 game: Can you retroactively add games?