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G2 scream
scream sucks on lan and thats why hes #9 for 2016 , much smart. very logic.
G2 vs Envy
rpk can play good from time to time, but xms is not on this level rn
Top 10 Teams (Post DH Masters Las Vegas)
i admit that vp are in a really good form but please top 1 is for Astralis, better achievements recently , simple as that
NiP vs fnatic
olofmeister playing against his future teammates
F0rest or Neo?
F0rest top7 for 2017 and if nip had had a better year as a team , he would had been even higher,overall its f0rest without a doubt
coldzera stats
even the old vp line up was trying hard and failing many times,look at what happened to them afterwards
coldzera stats
man ... seriously , u do drugs ? "Where you think the Old VP lineup came from? You think they magically appeared? No they came from 1.6 and were able to beat NiP like one month after starting CS G...
coldzera stats
so thats why they dominated almost 2 years, because they switched a few months earlier ? :D dont make me laugh , VeryGames switched at the same time and not only them :) NiP won 3 big events last year...
coldzera stats
I agree with #12, there is no such thing as "it was easier", nip were the best among all the players and teams, its not like NiP players time travelled from 2017 to 2012 to dominate if u know what i m...
coldzera stats
coldzera stats
u shoulde've seen get_right in fnatic back in the days or in his csgo prime form from 2012 to early 2015
Astralis vs NiP
it hurts my eyes and soul watching nip right now
Astralis vs NiP
u gotta be kidding me ,these semistralis and chokestralis jokes are irrelevant and definitely not funny anymore , they've won the last two big tournaments so far and nip atm will lose hard against the...
NiP vs Cloud9
nip magic