I have been involved with competitive gaming since 2012 and intend to transform it into a career.

Currently working for, ESOB and DailyStar

Things I do for HLTV:
Social media management
Occasional previews
LiveCap Highlights for notable matches
Forum moderation


Forum posts
keyboard help
You should just get a custom WASD Keyboard
Well NF is heavily inspired by EMINEM isn't he?
Their games had fantastic storytelling, really sucks to see it go down like this. A lot of the people who worked there got laid off out of the blue without any kind of payment. Tragic.
Dark Souls 3 for $12
Well having played NG+ modes on both, Nioh has more complex gameplay mechanics and much faster boss movement
Dark Souls 3 for $12
After playing Nioh, Dark Souls does appear to be an easy game :/ still a great deal though
nip just wants plates
I occasionally write previews for them for smaller events, I handle social media and also the highlight section. Multiple fronts simply put
nip just wants plates
Indeed I do
nip just wants plates
nip just wants plates
I am legitimately from Bangladesh aka EVIL Japan!
nip just wants plates
You are also a NAF fan from Japan, this keeps getting better.
nip just wants plates
Classic HLTV, always delivering the goods
The design is fantastic, if you know about animation then you would realize how many times a single boss fight had to be drawn. Best platformer/ boss run I have played in a while
Depends, you need to create a calorie deficit in order to reduce weight. If you are just trying to build muscle mass then you can be a little bit more careless and focus more on weight training What...
:D You guys never fail to entertain
Eleague mvp
Depending on who wins , it is between Device and rain. They have been the best player on their team so far. However, a special performance from Dupreeh in the Grand-Final can also boost him a spot