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Norway vs Belgium
ilu paint
ex6 best igl? nooooooooo
x2. ive listned to those vods of him calling. cant consider it calling tbh. same with pronax. olof "ill go pick b guys" and jw : "ill jump 360 one in apps" over and over again
ex6 best igl? nooooooooo
well. its not hard to be igl when u play with flusha krimz and olof
Best Norwegian Dialect for Swedish
well. the sweds ive talked with doesnt understand a word anyways so alot of norwegians have to mix swedish/norwegian
What's shox doing with his mouse [ESL One 2014]?
either checked scoreboard for some info or switched to another player to spectate. dno
All swedish speaking line up.
Dennis rain forest getright twist maikelele has decent aim but does alot of shit plays. Scream will join le Titan. u heard it here first
rain noob
well , if he had done that yoo would call the oppenents tier 15 players for not nading him to death. Its in the heat of the moment and alot of other players have done the exactly same think as him jus...
If Kinguin drops their CS team
yes dennis xD i think nip and kinguin are going to need smome changes. Imo should they drop maikelele aswell , but i dont think that gonna happen. so fox out and scream is going to titan
rain noob
i guess he tried to first get back from the molo and when that didnt work its too late for that smoke so he tried to catch them offguard. he would have been dead either way. and yes he could have aske...
If Kinguin drops their CS team
forest denis rain getright maikelele confirmed
New D&G
spero innocent michu minise oskarish.
Semphis Flame
If u watched him play when he was playing for c9 you would often see him just forcebuy by his own without sgares' call , then the others would have to force aswell. this lost them alot of rounds
no because they can do it against your team ? my point however is that you can get alot more info about the team hearing the POVs, than just watching a demo. if u cant see that , then well..
you can, but by knowing how the teams communicate will help ALOT. knowing how the caller reacts to certain things and knowing their setups (yes you can watch the demo , but its not the same) f.ex on c...
ENVYUS Confirmed new players
plz ex6 and kennys for happy and smithzzzzz