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honestly there is no reason at all to keep cold in this team, faze is dumb as f, probably only hired him for marketing
Underrated players
meyern, that agin is playing better than most t1 players but in a fkin t4 NA team
Valve testing the community
they should fix their fuckin game before adding more useless bulshit for 12y kids. I hope a decent fps comes up and valve get fucked again like they were with dota
Krieg “nerf”
they should just decrease fire rate so u actually have to aim and not use it like a fukin laser beam, and increase price to 3300$
clock drift
up offer increased to 99999999$
- Broby + zywoo
faze is a dead end team like mibr, there is no fix, just washed up players playing until their name are no longer that important and they are kicked/fired xD.
the ultimate baiter
sg/aug are retarded guns any noob can hold an angle with it. Just nerf it to the ground so nobody use this shit anymore, will not fix how shiet csgo is but at least we wont be playing this cod version...
neither, why would you buy a laptop for "gaming" instead of a desktop
If mibr
taco has no talent at all
gym question
u wont be giant. People use steroids and live pratically 100% dedicated to the gym to get big and a little chicken that just started working out is afraid to get big lmao
its not bullying until you kill yourself
fallen 9999iq smoke
its pretty common, like when u push palace or ramp in A and ask someone to smoke behind you so enemy wont check and you get a free frag. Idk what was the big deal
I guess your size
f0rest got (without s8) pineapple
Highest Skill Peak in CSGO
simple LUL