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If ur not the girl, then i feel sad for u
how is g2 a superteam?
Before: yes. Now: no. krimz sucks dicks lately
G2 vs North
Are u dumb enough not to see how huge impact nbk put on teamplay whether its vs fullbuy or ecos? Many teams nowadays even struggle to play anti-ecos, a round win is a round win.
G2 vs North
Crowd is NA noob, thats what your team get for toxic attitude. Cry is free though Xd
Why the fuck is G2 through to semis when they have 3-2 aswell?
Cuz they beat all the other 3-2 teams
NBK Wallpaper
That was actually really nice :D 10/10
my friend u count how many "if" in your argument? completely irrelevant.
NBK > ScreaM
U look at their terrible side against tricked at inferno and u know something to change, either IGL or coach ok? Fucking dumb frog.
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Shigeo Tokuda
NBK > ScreaM
I know ex6 wants to play rather than being a coach but imagine if it happens it will be much better than having smithZz as a coach.
NBK > ScreaM
+1 overall nbk is very stable player who u want in the team.
NBK > ScreaM
Sorry typo. I mean he top frag 1 vs lowtier teams and bottom the next twos.
NBK > ScreaM
tbh some of his lately game is really bad but overall he's still very stable unlike scream top frag 1 game and bottom the next 2 vs lower tier teams. Nbk works needs more appreciation as as a support,...
How are G2 so bad?
The best thing they can do right now is -smithzz and +ex6tenz as a coach. Getting ex6tenz or happy as a player wont work. Its proved
G2 most handsome team
Apex should hit the gym and get new haircut. Then 8,5/10