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Download and Upload speed?
How old is your country?
Okey good to know you gave up and admitted that your wrong. ty
How old is your country?
the samo empire doesnt exist anymore.. slovakia isnt that old.. Thats like saying we had ppl live in denmark before it was denmark so denmark is actually 4000 years old.
How old is your country?
How old is your country?
around the 8th century
How old is your country?
slovakia 1400 years :D okey
Top 3 countries you would move if you had to?
move or move to? Wud move everything but most of europe, canada, australia, new zealand, south korea and japan to another galaxy...
Imagine being so bad at hockey and still winning over finland :D
Hong Kong?
yes got 30cm long hair sticking out of it...
Hong Kong?
muslim :D?
Hong Kong?
They closed mcdonalds in hong kong and now the kids are going nuts
Fortshit trailer
Well kinda hard to come up with much more without changing the game... But wud love to see how fortnite wud be without building which is one of the reason i never played it bcus its just too stupid a...
Danes come here
Im actually curious how the norwegian language was before the "union" of denmark and norway which pretty much forced norway to pretty much speak danish.. If you got any links etc where i can see it ...
Joker movie
Batman kid version vs joker It had to happen :D
Joker movie
Saw it last week and was very surpriced how much i liked it compared to what i saw from the trailers which looked pretty meh :D but the movie was really good i loved it :D