2nd fastest guy on HLTV
rip 20.11.2016
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Top 5 IGL at frags.
gla1ve fallen ange1 stan the rest were originally fraggers. these were all dedi igls. stan wasnt igl at first but he actually igld before in lower tier teams. you can put s1mple niko cold naf autim...
astralis made that play their signature tho. and they are far superior defending the bomb after that specific plant. so it was the perfect call imo.
astralis made that play so many times he just said fck it and went for it. nothing about it was luck.
90adr god. fucking love this dude.
he was so fucking cerebral he made magisk assist him.
i think he is overrated as an igl and underrated as a fragger. i cringe every time i see his little book. also he has been around in cs forever. he was always an alright fragger. he had some personal...
school shooting fix
second amendment lmao dey tüek awr gawns
Natus Vincere vs Liquid
not just adr. its not like he is great with nades etc. he almost never loses straight rifle 1v1s. and even if he does due to angles crosses etc he does at least dink someone. he had the best adr on...
Natus Vincere vs Liquid
naf dead last on d2 but has more adr than anybody on navi on a close match. motherfucker is accurate af.
Niko S1mple Debate
oh. you pulled the country card. ss actually got some minor trophies. whereas team wolf has that fucked up major appereance. lets see optic india fuck up next. a billion people. nothing to show for i...
Niko S1mple Debate
more silver than gold mate.
North vs Imperial
as long as they kick msl the rest will perform way better.
-Ngin happening
mini pls finally
no choke with naf
shroud was fucking good on anchor b.