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rip 20.11.2016
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Turks come here [HONEST QUESTION]
1-porn law is an outdated law but it still is upheld. it was kinda late to the internet party. hence they started doing it late. like the blurs in japanese porn or ban to shoot porn in developed count...
Turkey, need help
ye, but the ones with some wit usually get usurped/de facto stripped of power
Turkey, need help
1 tru 4 go wiki 5 yes. lotsa ethnic georgian/adyge/cherkes/laz heritage ppl here. so we fuck with caucasians.
Stan why so quiet????
where did he hurt you😢
Genuine vs Grayhound
Pronax > Daps (in terms of skill)
daps more skilled and better strats. pronax had superstars and never played bitch roles. overrated as fuck. that fnatic lineup was bound to blow up. still would have won the majors with olof and krimz...
The hltv old time
Wasnt a thing.
Kurds Turkey
Soru eki mi ayrı btw.
roster stability is not rocket science. alo org, owners and etc are not that important to a roster unless they are super hands on with the team. j lake isnt hands on. he is noisy. he doesnt meddle wit...
cuz i have been watching this game and most these players since 2012. especially na players. and i kinda figured most of these dudes ould break out when they were still playing main. so trust me when...
he is probably going to col with moose and an 1.10+ rated eu player. then they are probably going to get some confidence online and then will reflect that onto lan. so i expect a early 2018 nrg or ava...
Skyler 'Relyks' Weaver
i salute you dear, cheers.
yep. also gotta get rid of vice and cajun to utilize rush again and get at least one good na talent and maybe 2 exceptionally good but unproven eu players. that is if they are dedicated to living in n...
nrg, c9 or for a twist faze.