2nd fastest guy on HLTV
rip 20.11.2016
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Tier 1 HLTV (no admins allowed here)
needs more alex.
nrg has more money. also gotta get rid of deadfox and fejtz first. woxic is aite when they re dynamic and unpredictable. when they do set strats or when gets pussied out he sucks big time tho.
bind +left i use it on the wheel click. helps turn fast if you got low sensi or not enough mousepad space. also really good for bhopping and airstrafing consistently. it really is useful while surfi...
NA problem
you do realize he was the best player of the team this epl season. he was also the highrt ranked na player. first 20 weeks he was top of the charts and is the actual reason they are in the finals. sha...
NA problem
kick sick? he is their best player lmao
FaZe Academy???
-hunter +cerq
good call actually but mixwell is alto a t1 player, id say he is better than magisk. cuz magisk is super inconsistent. allu on form as well.
SHroud 100K views
been watching the dude since late 2013. he is entertaining and soothing to a degree compared to other streamers. altho i dont particularly enjoy pubg, he is chill so ye.
mornin sunshine
fejtz also shit.
scream chelo b0rup twistz who am i misisng?
Finland worse than Sweden
tell that to %90 of the women that lived in berlin during 45. or their kids. more ivans than hans's.
Country w/ easy girls
here in turkey shit is underrated especially in big cities.. poland and czech rep were fine. barcelona is alright but you gotta spend cash to meet decent chicks. hungary is really easy and the chicks ...
If NiP add Dennis
they should ve paid him and added him way back when fiffy retired. they went with maikel and lost. listened to lurppis is bickering and went with allu. lost. and they lost all their chemistry speaking...